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What Does God Want Me To Do Next?

August 11, 2023

Hi, friend!

Wow! I’m glad you’ve been here this week as we looked closer at the finished season of life, because sometimes it’s hard to know what’s coming next. It’s always better to do hard things together.

We’ve followed Moses through this incredible journey of leading people who support him one day and are grumbly and angry the next. And then He doesn’t actually set foot in the Promised Land, the final destination. 

We could stop there and call it a sad story. And for this happy-ending-Hallmark-movie-loving girl, that would be devastating!

But Moses shows us how to finish strong!

He never gave up! He kept living his life doing what God asked him to do. As Nicki said, 

“One of the ways we can identify if someone finished well is by the fruit that is left from their lives” (Page 193).

We can certainly see the fruit of Moses' life. 

So what about my fruit? What about when my story looks like it has a “sad” ending? How can I finish strong? 

The same way Moses did! Just keep doing what God asks me to do each day. 

Our mini Bible study this week contains one of my favorite examples of Moses putting this into action! You will want to make time to complete Pages 195-198 because Exodus 17:8-16 is a beautiful example of how God asked Moses to do something hard and he was wise enough to take two friends to help him. Moses also believed hard things were easier together!

We also have another audio lesson with Nicki today. Here, she teaches more in depth about the crossing of the Red Sea we read about this week, then answers a question I’m sure many of us have: “How do I figure out what God wants me to do next?” Check it out here. (Need a transcript? We’ve got you covered!) 

Plus, here’s the bonus resource Nicki and Kendra chat about: “Five Steps to Finishing Well!

I’ll be back with you next week!

We can do this,


P.S. While we've come to the end of our book, we're not finished just yet! We'll see you back here next Monday and Tuesday as we wrap up our time together.

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Maybe you’re in the finished season of life, or maybe you are in a different season. Let’s all be like Moses today and commit to doing what God asks us to do each day! What is one thing you feel like God is asking you to do that will bring you closer to Him or help you finish strong?

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