More Questions Than Answers

More Questions Than Answers


I had a girlfriend tell me recently that she was ready to give up on Bible study because she just couldn’t answer all the questions.

I get her frustration. Nobody wants to feel like we don’t have what it takes to understand the Bible. Unfortunately, that’s a dilemma I hear all too often.

Friends, together can we bury the notion that being confused or not having all the answers is a bad thing? We are studying the Bible, a book of truth about our incomparable God!

Honestly, if we walk away from a study and feel like we’ve got it all figured out, we may not have done a very thorough job. No don’t misunderstand me; we should be learning. But if we aren’t challenged or confused along the way, did we really learn anything about God?

Let’s be people okay with not knowing it all.

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  • Ken

    The funny thing is I think when we “get to heaven”, we will all find that we have probably misunderstood much of what we thought we understood before.

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