"What if Extraordinary Is Right in Front of You?" With Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton

April 23, 2024
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Does life sometimes feel so  ... ordinary?

When our to-dos consume us and we find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of cleaning, caring for our people, and probably not taking enough care of ourselves, we wonder, Is there more? We look at women in the Bible like Mary, Ruth and Hagar, and it's easy to see the significance of their lives and feel like we're missing out. But in today's episode, Dr. Naomi Cramer Overton, CEO of Stonecroft Ministries and Managing Editor of the Every Woman's Bible, shares that these women probably felt a lot like we do today: insecure, isolated, doubtful and insignificant. You'll hear practical ways you can be reassured of your purpose by believing what God says and getting plugged in to community. 

Wherever you are today, live your "ordinary" for the people around you, all for the glory of God.

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