How to Trust God With Your Children

How to Trust God With Your Children

August 10, 2015

"It was by faith that Moses’ parents hid him for three months when he was born. They saw that God had given them an unusual child, and they were not afraid to disobey the king’s command." Hebrews 11:23 (NLT)

When my first-born child Morgan went off to college, I didn’t handle it well.

Even though I was excited for her and this new stage of life, anxiety, worries and concern over her safety and her future began to feel like a tourniquet on my heart.

As the summer months after graduation flew by, Morgan and I spent lots of fun time together making all the preparations for college living. August finally arrived and we were all filled with nervous excitement. I managed to make it through the move-in day without shedding a tear. But when the time came for us to head home, I felt like I was leaving my baby on a doorstep in a tattered basket and walking away.

The tears started pouring! And continued over the next week. I cried so often, I thought my tear ducts would dry up completely.

These were not necessarily sad tears, just mama tears filled with mixed emotions, coupled with the reality that my little girl was growing up and this new season of life was here to stay.

After a week of being teary-eyed, I received a wake-up call from my other daughter Kaitlyn. She said, "Morgan didn’t leave forever, Mom, she just went to college."

Her comment took me by surprise, and we had a good chuckle. But it also helped me recognize that I needed to stop stressing everyone out (including myself) by being overly emotional, and start trusting God with my most precious commodity — my children.

I realized I’d spent so much time worrying about Morgan, that I hadn’t spent enough time entrusting her into God’s care.

This experience brought to mind a biblical mother who literally did put her child in a basket and entrusted him into God’s care. Moses’ mother Jochebed knew Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, had ordered all Hebrew baby boys be killed. Pharoah feared the Israelites would soon outnumber and overpower the Egyptians.

Jochebed hid her newborn son Moses for three months, but then knew she could protect him no longer. So the Bible tells us, "she got a basket made of papyrus reeds and waterproofed it with tar and pitch. She put the baby in the basket and laid it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile River" (Exodus 2:3b, NLT).

Leaving my daughter at college was hard, but imagine how Jochebed must have felt, watching her precious baby floating down the river in a basket. A million things could have gone wrong; she could have fretted over every worst-case scenario possible. Instead, she entrusted her child to God Himself.

Although we don’t know exactly what Jochebed was feeling, I like to think she believed God had a plan and purpose for her child’s life, giving her the courage to step away from the basket. Jochebed soon learned God orchestrated Pharoah’s daughter to bathe in the river at the perfect time, rescue Moses from the basket and commit to raise him as her own. Then Pharoah’s daughter even hired Jochebed to nurse him until he was older.

Jochebed must have believed God loved her child more than she did, especially as she saw His incredible plans fall into place.

As moms, we want to keep our kids safe, protect them from pain, fix their problems, make their decisions and steer them in the right direction. However, there comes a time when we realize we aren’t in control anymore and have to accept that our children’s futures are in God’s hands, not ours.

Whether your child is starting kindergarten, middle school, high school or college, this is the time of year when parents can trust God and believe He has good plans for their children’s lives.

What comfort and peace it brings to remember God is always in control and ever present in our children’s lives, even when we can no longer be.

Lord, help me keep my worries at bay as I send my child off into the next phase of life. Give me a confident faith to believe You are always with them. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Joshua 1:9, "This is my command — be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." (NLT)

Isaiah 40:11, "He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young." (NIV)

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Are you trusting your abilities to protect your child(ren) more than you’re trusting God’s? How might you need to change that perspective?

Think about your top three fears for your children. Ask God to replace those fears with trust and help you live in courageous faith that He is in control.

© 2015 by Tracie Miles. All rights reserved.

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  1. Thank you for this devotional. Tonight has been the end of a stressful family “vacation” during which my 17 year old son was vocal in his unhappiness with all parts of the trip. His ungrateful attitude turned into disrespectful behavior which I could not ignore. Although I prayed and solicited prayer from my bff, I forgot to turn him over to God!

  2. I appreciate this article for its writer’s honesty. Being a mum of two young adults and two young kids is tough. A couple of years ago my family were in a crisis. A year before the crisis the Lord prompted me to really spend time with Him everyday dawn when all in the house were asleep and quiet.
    I realised that He strenthened my spirit so i would know what to do in the middle of crisis. It was not easy because i struggled to stay in His peace and His way of doing things.
    The Holy Spirit is leading oir spirits to the Thruth and His way to go.

  3. This made me tear up! My son is only 8 months old, but I suffered from severe PPD, which made me afraid to leave my house with my son.

    My husband also announced that he wants to go skydiving…of course I’m anxious about it. This article reminded me that i need to trust God with the people I love the most, and that His plan is better than any I have for my loved ones.

  4. Oh I needed this. I’m nursing my 8 week old baby girl (my first) and crying because I start back to work tomorrow and have to leave her with a babysitter. I haven’t been away from her for more than 3 hours since I had her 8 weeks ago (not to mention the 9 months I was pregnant with her) and I’ve been so sad. God works in mysterious ways and he knew I needed this. Thank you for posting!

  5. I literally just struggled with my almost 14 year old daughter not replying that she loved me when I kissed her and told her. I said it is disrespectful to not reply…she then blew me away with a sarcastic “I love you”….walked into my husband and I’s told him that I was so done,sat down feeling totally defeated and a failure and saw this post….our God will meet us wherever we are!

  6. Tracie, I cannot thank you enough for writing this. My inability, or my disobedience to do exactly this has been a thorn in my side. My epiphany through this post: my children are safer in the arms of my God than they are in mine. Meaning, if I don’t trust Him in their care, surely we will be unprotected. I have to now figure out HOW to let go and let God. this is the first step. Thank you for the awareness.

  7. Oh gosh! I have a 3 year old and I have all these feelings! I am so in love with who she is and absolutely humbled at the gift I have been given. But…boy 3 year olds can be TRICKY! Trying to synthesize what I know about children, what I read about parenting, and observing the families around me can be a full time job. Trusting you Lord that You designed her for me and me for her.

  8. My daughter had just finished her exams when she became increasingly unwell. Her story and mine as a Mum trusting God to hold her & me gently – watch a very short YouTube film : Ellie Cox About my brain Tumour. Her witness to God who answers prayers

  9. Yes. My three year old son has been playing all weekend with his cousins, aged 4 and up.. As I watched him on the swing set in my parents’ yard, I saw how high he could swing and it made me feel very anxious. If he is strong enough to swing THAT high, does that mean he can handle it? Somehow, in the midst of his play, he ended up with a bruise on his eyelid (were they throwing rocks or something?) and his explanation, as a three year old, didn’t make sense to me at all. Then my 7 month old crawled off the side of the bed just as I was turning around to see him land on his head. They both seem okay, but what about head injuries? Are they really safe? I didn’t cry but the RN working the nurseline, my brother, and my husband told me to toughen up in so many kind words. I am the mother of boys. They will have many falls and injuries in their childhoods, as all the men in my life did and still reached adulthood. My brother told me one additional thing: The only thing I can do is pray and ask my Father in heaven to keep them from hurting themselves, and surrender them into His care. Common sense, love and prayer. Thank you for this devotion. A mother’s heart is battered by her children’s experiences in ways that perhaps only our Father could understand!

  10. I can relate to dropping my daughter off at college and crying afterwards.
    Now however we do not have a relationship. My daughter blames me for her father not being a part of her life. She became physical/verbal abusive so I had to ask her to leave my home. It’s has been 3 years now. I believe God is going to work it out.

  11. Thank you for sharing this. I came across the same verse a few months ago and “And they were not afraid of the king’s command” jumped out at me. I have been struggling with fears, and God showed me through this passage that no matter what political entity is in place, God cares for us and we can trust Him. I also love the verse in Isaiah. I have it hanging on my wall as a reminder that “He gently leads those who have young”. It’s a comfort to this mom of six. I shared this post on my Facebook back in May when God revealed the same verse to me… A few weeks ago, in my quest to replace fear with faith, I decided to read Hebrew 11. The chapter is filled with men and women that walked in faith and trusted God for the outcome. One of the verses that stood out to me was verse 23 “By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden for three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command.” Hello, the crazy king wants to throw your son into the river! BUT, they were not afraid of the king’s command. They trusted God with their son’s life, hid him for three months, made a basket for him and floated him on the river, then Pharaoh’s daughter finds him and raises him as her own, but not before his own mother is called to nurse him until he is weaned. My thought is, my anxious heart needed to see this, because we know Christ is coming back and it’s going to get worse before it gets better(As it was in the days of Noah), but no matter what political entity is in place, we can trust God to be faithful. His record stands all throughout Scripture. I found comfort in reading this a few weeks ago….My fears have been many, but in the past it was about what kind of government will we have in the future? Will our kids still have freedom as we’ve had? Things are changing so much I have worried about my children and future grandchildren. Will they be strong enough in their faith, will I be strong enough in mine? I am still working on those fears, and all the time when I cry and pray I hear His gentle whisper to me..”Trust Me”.

  12. my son has been at marine boot camp since July 6th and having only letter contact and very little of that is so hard! I cry daily! I miss him so much! I struggle every day I woke up to find this in my email and saw the scripture Joshua 1:9 which is the scripture I underlined in his bible that he left with in hand that day and is in every letter I write!!! I just know this was one of the many ways God has reminded me he is taking care of my baby!

  13. What incredible faith and trust Jochebed had in God to put her baby in a basket and watch him float away! Everyday I pray and give my children back to God knowing He loves them more than me. It’s so hard sometimes because when they hurt I hurt. So when I have to make a tough decision regarding my children…I remind myself of Jochebed and put all my faith and trust in the Lord. Every time God responds with “I got this” and blesses me beyond measure. “…but he who trust in the Lord will be prospered.” Proverb 28:26b

  14. This is exactly what I needed to read tonight. I have 4 children and my 3rd child is starting pre-k next week and DOES NOT want anything to do with school. I didn’t have this issue with his 2 older siblings, who are now in high school. I was a single mom that worked full time back when the high schoolers were small and now I’m a married sahm and it breaks my heart. The thought of trusting someone else with him scares the heck out of me. Especially because the world has changed so much even since the older kids were small. This is extremely hard on us both. I’ve even considered home schooling but don’t know if it’s a good option for our family. My husband and I prayed tonight but I later read this and it was almost as it was written for us. So glad we serve a God who uses others to remind us that we can trust him. ALWAYS. Even with our most precious people.

  15. Beautifully written Tracie,
    My only son is just 2 and I spend a great amount of time each day thinking about how to raise him to be strong, happy and most of all love and serve God. While college is a long way off my my little buddy, your words on trusting God’s plan for your children will be very comforting when that day comes :).

  16. Tammy–I,too, am a Marine mom and understand your anxiety. While college kids can call home almost anytime they want, recruits cannot and we hand them over knowing the drill instructors will put them thru a lot psychologically. I joined a Facebook page for Marine parents that helped as support. And lots of prayer, of course.

  17. Mylinda Amos says:

    Perfect start to my morning as I prepare to drop my son off for the first day of 1st grade. Thank you!

  18. What an on time devotional Trace, thank you for sharing your story and encouragement. My youngest son is away in Florida as we speak and I thought I would be okay but I was very nervous at first. I wanted to find the next plane ticket to get myself to Florida as fast as possible. However, as I spoke with one of the airport workers she said that it would make her nervous too, then the Holy Spirit pricked my heart so sharply with ‘God’s Got him’ and a peaceful calmness filled me at that moment. So, if God’s grace is sufficient and His Word is true all I have to do is trust Him knowing that He will cover and protect our children just as He did for Jochobed with Moses because He is the same God!! Peace and blessings to all!!

  19. Oh how I needed to see these words – not just today but to have in my arsenal of God’s promises! Thank you.

  20. This post was perfect timing! My “baby”, who is 30 years old, has been in west Africa serving in the Peace Crops for 2 months on a 2 year assignment. She called the other day and her first words were “mom I’m sick”. My heart just dropped and felt like she was back to a 5 year old little girl who needed her mom. Of course I wanted to jump on a plane and get to her but knew that wasn’t realistic so I prayed and put her in God’s hands – which of course is where she’s always been. Fortunately within a couple days her fever dropped and she’s on the mend. While it’s going to be a long 2 years, I know God will keep her safe, healthy and a blessing to the people in Gambia. Thank you for this reminder!

  21. God bless U for those words – they came right from his heart in this season of my sons’ lives. I have two amazing boys- 7 years and 8 years and they will be heading to boarding school soon. God bless U

  22. Our youngest was a child who pushed all the limits–three going on 23. But we could see God’s hand on him. The child had spiritual insight beyond his years. I sensed God saying, “Don’t screw this up.” I tell folks that we managed to keep him alive until he grew into his judgment. All grown up, he just changed careers and is starting his first year teaching in an inner city school. He is God’s child, I had temporary custody.

  23. There is a saying, “God knows what you need when you need it!” Your article reminds me God is ultimately in control and is with my child every step of the way. I dropped my daughter off for summer classes in college at the end of June. Her 6 year-old brother was with us. He cried uncontrollably all the way to the car. I did my best to comfort him. In the car we sat and talked. He said, “what am I going to do without her?” I thought to myself, “isn’t this the same person you fought with just a few days before.” Then the realization hit me. She is all grown up. She is spreading her wings and beginning to fly. I started to sob as well. After a minute or so I realized I needed to get myself together. I started to recall God’s goodness. I shared these things with my son. I just picked my daughter up this weekend. Her brother was away. Today he sees his sister for the first time in weeks. I can’t wait. “Thank you” for your article and allowing me to see that it is ok to feel the way I do, to miss my daughter but to remember God’s got her!

  24. A true devotion that I needed. We take our third daughter to college this Friday. I have done this two previous times but am worried and emotional. This devotion spoke directly to my heart. God does love our children more than we do, we must trust Him with them.

  25. This devotion was one I could really identify with. My daughter left home abruptly after a big argument and is determined to live on her own. I had to realize that’s she is God’s daughter more than my own and HE is even more concerned about her welfare than I am. So after that I was able to dry up the tears and commit her to Him again but I also had to commit ME to Him to stay out of His way and let Him work. The issue is still going on but I am assured she will be victorious!!!! He promised me that!!!!

  26. I’m grateful for this devotional today. I’ve been extremely worried for my 2 yr old’s doctor appt, which is this morning, concerning a swollen lymph node. I keep thinking the worst and getting all upset. God’s timing is always perfect! He knew I needed to read this!!

  27. Christina says:

    What a timely word and a reminder that I need to relinquish control God & get rid of MY plans for son! God bless you!

  28. I love how God uses things and people to remind not only of His great love for me but how much He loves my children more than I do. He has done it again through your sharing. My 10 year old granddaughter has moved to AL where her mother lives, because the custody battle went to Mom’s favor. I could go on and on why this is not good but God. My 32 yr old daughter has decided to move herself and her 7 yr old son in with her boyfriend to which she knows that we find that completely unacceptable and never mind the many compromises she has made to be with this person, who is not a christian, smokes and his lifestyle is not one which is an example to our grandson. But God. So thank you and thank God for reminding me of what I have put my trust and faith in, that God loves them so much more than I do and He will assure that they will be cared for. I had never thought about Moses’ Mother and the thousand fleeting thoughts she must have had when she let go of her baby. My goodness.

  29. Debbie W. says:

    How timely a message. In 10 days I will be sending my son off to college for the first time, followed shortly behind with sending my daughter off to her first day of high school. It is stressful as a parent always wondering if I have taught them enough, will they be okay, and worrying about the “what ifs.” Now is the season to let go and trust God. Thank you for the reminder.

  30. Grateful for this devotional.

    Kindergarten screening is this Tuesday at 10.

    Knowing God continues to gently guide each step is a concept I am beginning to understand.

    Feeling His presence as He carries me close to His heart, is freeing yet deeply secure.It is so very true that His timing
    for Moses’ life as a baby is the same kind of timing He uses for my life, my daughter’s life and mine.

    So glad I am His and He is mine.So glad
    That this devotion brought me to the understanding of what it means to be carried close to The Hood Shepherd’s heart.

  31. Thank you, Tracie. Perfect timing of this with the start of school

  32. Thank you for this. I needed it this morning. My youngest son (23) is in the jungle somewhere in Peru this week on a mission trip. Please pray for his group.

  33. Cassandra says:

    I needed this today. I’m dropping my youngest off to college in 4 days. My anxiety is high. The recent rise in violence against young African American males and females adds to my fears. My oldest is a senior at Prairieview A&M, where the Sandra Bland incident occured. It’s been a tough summer. I realize that God loves my children more than I do and his plans for their lives, far surpass my own. He has my children in his hands. So somebody will need to remind me of all of these next weekend when we move my baby into the dorm!

  34. Wow thank you for this! Next week I will send my 19 year old daughter to Rwanda, Africa for 4 months. As we prayed about allowing her to apply for this program months ago God assured me that she will go and she will be fine. But as our goodbyes quickly approach my struggles with anxiety seem to be putting God’s perfect peace out of reach for me right now

  35. Really thankful at the moment the children’s leadership at my church shared this link. I started homeschooling last year with then 5 year old. It has been hard, stressful, but worth it. Lately I have been questioning my walk as a parent. Am I doing right by him?Am I teaching him well both in education and spiritually? Giving this precious gift back to God can feel hard some days but you have reminded me that everyday is the day to give back to God. Thankfully His mercies are new every morning.

  36. The Battle Of The F-Words (Faith vs. Fear) never ends! This devotional is such a blessing; it hits home regarding another set of family members…our beloved family four-leggers. In late April we let our dear, loving, 12-year-old male cat fly into God’s lap due to a worsening heart issue. In the months prior, despite prayers that I’d stay strong and accept God’s will — after all, Grayby was blessed to still be alive after a few medical crises five years earlier — I “lost it” nonetheless, continuing to succumb to high-anxiety despair as our kitty declined despite treatment. I hadn’t reacted like this in the past. I also lost weight and had sleepless nights. I was unable to let go and let God in the midst of unalterable circumstances. The despair over Grayby’s illness was deepened by guilt over my inability to turn it all over to the Lord, who is every believer’s MC (Master of Circumstances). I was unable to “live out” the truth that He is in control; is omnipresent – and is our source of strength – if we LET Him be!

    I want to share what proved to be a Holy-Spirit-sent healing message in a few short paragraphs from Oswald Chambers’ December 31st devotional from My Utmost For His Highest: “Our yesterdays present irreparable things to us; it is true that we have lost opportunities which will never return, but God can transform this destructive anxiety into a constructive thoughtfulness for the future. / Let the past sleep, but let it sleep on the bosom of Christ. Leave the Irreparable Past in His hands, and step out into the Irresistible Future with Him.”
    As I see it, “opportunities” encompass lost loved ones and past failures. After reading this several times, I tearfully prayed with all my heart, mind and soul that in the wake of our recent loss, I had learned lessons I would truly apply and follow; that my “destructive anxiety” will be a thing of the past – and the “constructive thoughtfulness” will be a full trust in God. That faith would win out over feelings. I felt a dark pall lift and my body tingled – I know the Lord heard my pleas to be changed and be forgiven for limited faith. I’ve since compiled a binder of devotionals and other pieces dealing with fear, anxiety and recognizing – and living more victoriously through — God’s omnipresence and strength. I have since shared the binder with a believer friend who was blessed in turn. Chambers also wrote: “…When you are in the dark, listen, and God will give you a very precious message for someone else once you are back in the light.”

    Praise God, whose mercies are new every day! “In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.”

  37. Amanda Limbaugh says:

    My started 6th grade last week. I worry at the beginning of every year how the year will go and how he will do. I told myself I was going to spend more time praying this year than worrying. I so needed this today to remind me of that. They are God’s children first and I have to trust in his plans for them.

  38. Wow, thank you for this timely devotion. Being a mother stretches, strengthens and challenges faith. Sometimes it is so hard not to fear. I have seen God’s care so many times over my children through some desperate times and have cried many tears. God uses difficulties to strengthen them too. Would I want their lives to be all smooth sailing and as a result for them to be shallow people? No. There seem to be lessons that can only be learned through pain at times. So I pray for protection and that they would know God’s compassionate presence through deep trials. I am grateful for His care. God is good and His mercies endure forever. Bless all those mothers out there whose hearts ache.

  39. Perfect timing for me. Thank you.

  40. I never thought about how Moses’ mother had to let him float away in a river…full of animals…in a basket that could’ve tipped over. We have always known the full story, so we don’t stop and think about how she didn’t know he would be fine when she gave his basket a little push. I am believing God for the strength of faith to willingly give my growing up teens the little pushes they need to head out into God’s will for their lives. (2 are heading to college in a year, in different states than where we live..)

    • So many of the stories in the Bible we just take as they are. I never thought about the critters in the water either! Isn’t the world just like that each and every day we send out kids out. I have one son and he just graduated from college and got married, within a month of eachother. AND he now lives in North Carolina. We are native Oregonians. His first job took him there. So…..the basket I send him out now has room for his wife! We are always sending them out. I am so thankful for God’s care for my son…….and now for both him and his wife. You will have a full year of send offs in 2016, won’t you? I love that we have a God that helps us through!

      • Thank you for this post Margaret. Am dealing with a 26 yr old daughter just getting engaged… and maybe to the young man we would not have chosen for her. she loves the Lord so much and has so much to give/experience in her life. Needing to let go and trust God…so much easier said than done.

  41. This devotion comes at the perfect time since my oldest is getting his driver’s license tomorrow. I have so much fear and worries but I have been trying so hard to trust God with his safety. I think this devotion is God letting me know that He has this so I need to trust.

  42. This is is something I have been struggling with for the past few months. My son left for Army boot camp in June. It was extremely difficult because that is NOT the choice I would have made for him! It has taken me some time, LOTS of tears and a lot of prayer to realize that I don’t get to make these choices for him anymore. I am learning to let go and let God be in control, but that is not an easy task. I don’t get to talk to my son as much as I would like, but in just the few letters and conversations we have had I see changes in him that I never could have produced. He’s stronger, more mature and is finally nice to his sister:). I know there will be many more times in his Army career that I will worry about, but I chose to believe that God holds him in the palm of his hand and has great plans for him!

  43. My child’s new season is being a momma herself! Oh, how having a new grandbaby has brought all those momma worries back into my heart! Thank you for reminding me to trade those worries in for trust in God. It is a lesson I really needed today! Thank you!

  44. This met me right where I was at this morning. As I prepare our kids for kinder., 2nd grade and a first year in middle school, my emotions are getting the best of me. I connected with Jochebed like never before this morning and your words encouraged me to entrust my kids to God because I’m still trying to hold on tight. Thank you for your Holy Spirit inspired words today. My perspective is shifting:)

  45. I’m taking my youngest of 3, and only daughter, to start college in 9 days, so your devotional couldn’t have had better timing! I’m filled with so many emotions, as this will be the first time in 31 years without having any kids in our household to take care of. It will be a new stage of life for me indeed. I know the transition to our empty nest will be difficult, and your message was so needed today. I have to put her in God’s hands, and trust that he will be protecting and guiding her in all her new adventures, and that he will give me a peace to know that he’s in control, not me. Thank you so much for sharing this much needed devotional today!

    • Melissa H. says:

      I am right there with you Barb. Struggling with two children out of the nest. Miss both of them a lot. I think it has been harder with my daughter because it was so nice having another female in the house. Struggling with finding a new purpose now that they have left home.

  46. Mary Haynie says:

    I remember when my first girl went to college. I was divorced but a few friends went with me, she went with her father. I cried tons but my friends took care of me. The second daughter, a year later, was harder but I made it with God’s guidence.

  47. Thank you for this reminder. Dropped off my youngest, and only daughter at college yesterday!

  48. I love the phrase in here “What comfort and peace it brings to remember God is always in control and ever present in our children’s lives, even when we can no longer be.”
    I needed that today. Thanks!!

  49. This devotion couldn’t have come at a better time. My daughter is sixteen and struggling in her walk with the Lord. Unfortunately she has found the pleasure of a few drinks at parties. We have made plans to go and see her father whom she hasn’t seen since she was three and she is stressing over that as well. She is desperate to go and see him but is afraid he will disappoint her. Letting go when our children are struggling so much is the hardest thing I have ever do. I have to make a conscious choice everyday to give my daughter over to the care of the Lord. Why do we think we can do such a better job when we all know as humans we do a crappy job. Pray for her please. Her name is Kayla.

    • I hope that your daughter has settled down a bit at parties and that her meeting with her father was pleasant and not disappointing. It seems that we as parents are always on our knees praying for our kids. I will pray for her.

  50. Perfect timing. My oldest daughter, Morgan, is beginning her freshman year at Penn State University on August 19. My heart hurts. I love and, more importantly, LIKE her so much that I can’t imagine our home without her in it. She and my younger daughter, Lindsay, are gifts from God and I pray that He surrounds her with Angels while she is away from us and keeps her happy, healthy and safe in His arms, I also pray that He guides our family through this change and grants us the comfort, strength and peace that we so desperately need. I know she expects me to fall apart, and I’m sure I will. But I want to find the joy and excitement and consequent good health and feelings as we progress. I want to make her proud. Please God and Jesus, show me the way and hear my prayers, Thank you for your wise words.

  51. I had all those same feelings when my daughter, now 34, went to college. Today her 6 month old daughter has her first day with her day care. Praying for safety for her as only Christ can give her.

  52. Shasta Dixon says:

    Thank you for today’s blog as I prepare to move my daughter in her college dorm in Friday. I have so many feelings as she’s never really been away from home before. I love her & only want whatever it is God has in store for her. Thank you for the encouragement. God has shown me over the months that the things I’ve instilled in her are & have taken root & He has her!

  53. I have 4 young adult children. Last year our oldest, who did not go to college and has special needs, moved into his own apartment. His moving out made me an official empty nester. I was a stay at home homeschooling mom for years. I cried so much as each of them took steps of independence. Two of our kids are now married. Our older daughter has been married 18 months and four months ago gave us our first grandchild! Our younger son got married this past April. Our oldest still lives on his own. Our youngest also lives on her own in off campus housing near the state University she attends. Just when I thought I had this mom thing figured out, no such luck. Last week after a few months of not feeling well, our youngest went to the dr. Test results are pending but leukemia has been mentioned. Last night I sat and sobbed to God…telling him how much I love her and begging him to not allow cancer in her body. It never gets easy to remember that our children are really His.

  54. Christine Dove says:

    There was a definite twinge in my heart when I saw this mornings Prob. 31 message. God has had my daughter longer than I had her. She was 14 just turning 15 when we were in a car accident. That was almost 18 years ago. As tears well up as I write, I want to tell you what was revealed to me. My knowing God when my daughter was taken, did not lesson the pain, but I knew where she went. She was a teenager, loved her youth group at church and they loved her.
    How CAN people go on, dealing with that kind of pain and not knowing God? My career was as a police officer. I saw many people who were hurt by things in their lives turn to drugs and alcohol,etc., and to get on a road to self destruction.
    Trusting God, seeking the Bible for answers and asking for strength through the Holy Spirit. It is why I survived. Keep seeking! The peace you find is supernatural.

  55. Laura Butler says:

    Don’t forget the mothers that are seeing their child off at the recruitment office. As an Army mom, it was hard to let him go to basic training. It was hard to let him go after graduation from basic. The hardest was seeing him before he deployed to the middle east. He’s stateside now, but will be deployed again next year. When they are deployed, neither of us have the choice about when to call or when he will be able to answer his social media. I do feel for those moms who are sending children off to college. I have a daughter going to college this fall, as well. Letting go and letting God isn’t an easy thing to do, but God doesn’t always ask us to do easy things. Thanks for your devotionals.

  56. Thank you for this reminder.
    As we just sent off our oldest daughter to the mission field in Mexico last week, it has been a whole new level of trusting, praying and warfare.
    The night before Sarah left, she ‘realized’ her flight plan was not what she thought. Instead of having a 11 hour layover in Houston with her new roommates to be, she was now going on to Mexico City by herself for 12 plus hours. After calling the airlines and not able to afford the amount they wanted to switch flights, we all agreed God was in control and had peace. For real. But when I got a text at 230 am from Sarah that night in Mexico City, not sounding very confident, my mama heart/mind went into overdrive. As soon as I would claim a verse, the enemy would put another thought there. This went on for hours. My husband and I laid in bed, holding onto each other, begging God to keep her safe. “Did we prepare her at all for international travel by herself? Is she holding onto her stuff? O God, don’t let her get abducted!” The battle was fierce. Finally, we fell asleep, exhausted. We didn’t hear from her until later that day. Funny how time slows way down when we are waiting for something so precious! So thrilled to report, Sarah is doing very well. And so are we. We now know how better to pray for families as they entrust God with their children, wherever they are sent. Thanks again for the example Moses’ mom.

  57. Tears! Almighty God will always Himself provide the ram in the thicket when we are faithful because He loves “our” children more than we do. Gen. 22.12-15

  58. This was soothing to read this morning…I’m being tested in this area right now.

  59. Rachel Ruth says:

    My children are bigger too and have walked from their faith….. They don’t deny God but their lives do
    I’ve just come back from a Christian conference (first time leaving them)
    I am inspired but at the same time aching for their walk with God and I prayed only a few hours ago that without preaching ‘at’ them what could I do
    Who knew the help would be on Facebook
    Thank you

  60. This devotional really met me where I am this morning. My 15 year-old daughter has been fighting a life-long battle with mental illness. She is a self-harmer, and each time I discover she has cut herself yet again, my heart breaks. I pray daily for protection over her life, and I tend to forget that He has already overcome. His plan is so much greater than anything I can imagine, and I need to trust in what He has in store for her. While I know that what His plans are may not match mine, I have to trust that they are greater than any of my earthly desires.

    Lord, I know your plans are big. I know that you have something HUGE in store for my daughter. I am so incredibly grateful that You selected me to be her earthly mother. Father, I trust that she feels you with her, even in her darkest times. I know in my heart that You will carry her through her storm. She is mine for but a moment, but Yours eternally. Thank you for your neverending faithfullness.
    In Jesus Holy name I pray. Amen.

  61. Perfect timing for me. My first son just married on Saturday and my second moves to college for the first time in two weeks. And my nest is empty. If we are His, God always provides the messenger and the words we need, doesn’t He?!?

  62. We married our daughter (our baby) off in June. Two weeks after the wedding my son in laws job ends due to an endangered species. A friend of the family offers them a job and a place to park their trailer. My son in laws job moves him around a lot so they live in a trailer. I was worried. How much is going to pay how many hours what rent and utilities is he going to charge how long is the job and on and on I go. My daughter answers all my questions but I’m still concerned. Then she tells me that there is one condition. Oh. What is that I ask. This friend, an associate pastor, the one who married them, friend of the family for several years tells them they MUST go to church. That is his only condition. I look to the heavens and said ok God, , I will shut up now. You have them where you want them. A few years ago my daughter was hurt by someone at church and had stopped attending any church. She loves the Lord but would not go back to church. I tried. This friend (a second father figure) is the only one who could make a condition like this and she would listen to.

    All my worries we for nothing. God had taken care of our baby like we had been praying for.

  63. Tracie,
    Thank you for sharing your heart! You are exactly right about God having complete protection over children. I experienced this a few years ago when my, then 19 year old daughter, moved 800 miles away to live with a friend and shortly after that we had to deal with 2 of our other adult children having a serious drug addiction. I did cry until I couldn’t cry any more! God was always there for me and with my children. Everyone is doing better than they were and I give God praise for his faithfulness!!

  64. Tracie, what a beautifully time and beautifully spirited message to this momma, who is among many preparing for just this milestone. My eldest son will head many states away to college in two weeks. I keep telling myself that we are ready for this transition, but my closest friends keep encouraging me to prepare my heart for the possible assault you described so well in your post today. I am going to heed your advice to begin praying in earnest now for protection by God and protection of my heart from the sin of worry and anxiety. While he will be out of my reach he will never be out of God’s. Thank you!

  65. Shamille Goins says:

    Let me start by saying I sincerely enjoy Proverbs 31 ministries! The daily devotionals seem to be right on time for me. Specifically today devotional touch my heart in a special place. My youngest daughter Olivia is starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I was just speaking with my husband about my concerns – she high spirit, eager and a bit stubborn at times. I shared with my husband that I was worried that the teachers might label her misbehaved or a poor student because of the type of person she is. She also was recently diagnosed with Bronchitis and that has had me worrying a lot. The short of it is that prayer-fully, I am entrusting Olivia to GOD. I needed today’s devotional as a friendly reminder.

  66. I think you must have written this for me!! Tomorrow my older daughter goes back to Senegal for a second year of mission work, and in 3 weeks my younger daughter leaves for her second year of college where she had a terrible freshman year. Sometimes I feel absolutely consumed with worry and guilt, but when I’m able to give it all to God, the peace that fills my heart is amazing! I’m going to focus on entrusting them much more this year!!!

  67. This couldn’t have come at a better time. My oldest daughter is leaving the comfort of the Christian school and starting high school in the public system. I’ve struggled with this decision and still am not completely at peace with it. This beautiful reminder is for me to trust God. He’s got her! I truly keep forgetting that and am going to actually post part of this devotional in my office to remind me that He loves her even more than I do. Thank you.

  68. God’s timing is perfect! I just dropped off my oldest daughter at college yesterday, and I must say I am proud that I kept it together. She was in a bad wreck with her sister and dad 3 days before she left, which made this week even more emotional. God has proven that He has her in His care, because they were all spared any serious injury! I will have a daughter in college, high school, middle school, and preschool. I needed this reminder!

  69. I am a father and like all the Moms on here I to am very concerned about my son going off to college. He seems not to be to interested in doing much. My main concerns are waking up on time,safety, and in general everything else. The one great thing is that he will be attending a Christian University. We will be 7-8hours away knowing that we just can’t get there quickly or often. I have not always had the easiest time trusting God and I know that sounds bad,but true. Please pray for my wife and me as we go through this time and I will certainly remember all of you.

  70. Bridgette says:

    Awesome devo, Tracey always brings it to us women right on time. My son is starting high school for the first time, entering grade seven at a brand new school. Just about every thing about the school is new. New to us all,
    this devo is so very timely in that it right away calmed my concerns. I now will simply let go and let God. Also, my daughter will be entering grade 3, at her current school, of which my son is now leaving. Yes! Two different schools, two different drop offs, two different everything. Thanks God, thanks Tracey for helping me place it all
    in God’s hand today and henceforth. Amen!

  71. This is hard for me at times. My children are bullied by 2 or 3 individuals, at school, in youth group and Sunday School. Others don’t bully them but some follow along with it and think it’s funny when 1 of the bullies does something. I pray every night for my children’s safety and that the bullies be shown for what they are, and feel like my prayers are going unanswered. We had discussions upon discussion with officials and it doesn’t seem to get better. But I will keep praying and try to get better at trusting that God has this.

  72. This is so on time.. God’s time. My youngest daughter went through the public school system most of her life until last year. She attended a small christian school for the first time in 9th grade and did very well. However, she was unhappy and didn’t feel she fit in. Last month she told me she wanted to return to public school this year with her friends. I didn’t take it well and felt she was ungrateful for not appreciating the sacrifice i made to send her there. I really wanted her to remain at the Christian school and dug in my heals eventhough I realized this further jeopardized our relationship. She is a good kid and has proven herself in making good decisions thus far so, I have decided to let her go half heartedly and see how this year turns out. My hope is she will see the difference and make her own decision to return to the Christian school. I realize now I have to not only trust her, but more importantly trust the Lord with her life. He knows what is best and will work it out for her good.

  73. Thank you for this article, i have been struggling with letting God have complete control of my children. Now i know He is holding them and loves them more than i ever can

  74. Awesome Article. Truly, I needed this for my son, he’s 16 and things are moving faster than ever before.

    A Concerned and Loving Mother

  75. Loved reading this devotional today. Sending my youngest of three off to college next week. Though I’ve done this twice before, I don’t think it is going to be any easier. Lord, help me to remember that my precious children are in your hands today and everyday.

  76. I only wished it was sending my child off to college. My son who was raised in the church, participated in all youth activities and summer camps since he was 8 years old and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour was baptized and now at the age of 21 has decided he is an Atheist. My heart aches and pray for him every moment of the day. This devotional today was a reminder to me that God is in control of His life. His word says that we should teach our children in the way they should go and when they are older they would not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). I am holding on to that promise. I ask for your prayers as well.
    In Christ,

  77. My situation is somewhat different. My son attended a local community college and graduated four years ago. My daughter is currently attending the same college. My son has been unable to find work in his field and is working (quite happily) at the airport here. Both of my children, ages 27 and 24 are still living with my husband and I. My son is hearing impaired and is socially withdrawn because of it. My daughter’s education was put on hold while she dealt with various personal problems. She is slowly making her way through her degree, but is having problems passing one subject in particular. I feel like I will never know the “empty-nest” feeling that you all are grieving through. I can’t seem to get my husband to stick with me to make my son pay all his bills (he pays some, but no rent). Although I know I have much to be grateful for, I really feel alone and like my adult years are passing me by. I never would have believed I would still have a full house at this point in my life. I love my children, but gee whiz. I won’t just throw them out, but I’m ready to move on to the next phase of my life! Thanks for letting me vent a little. Love these devotionals!

  78. Thanks for your post.. My daughter aged 20 just phoned to say she is engaged.. do I like her young man..
    yes but I don’t know him… did I expect to find out this today…not really..
    you have these dreams and desires for your children and as a parent you have to let go….
    like Tracie says……. we want to keep our kids safe, protect them, fix their problems, help them make their decisions and help steer them in the right direction. However, there comes a time when we realize we aren’t in control anymore and have to accept that our children’s futures are in God’s hands, but at times its just plain hard entrusting them back to God … Jesus today please help me to be happy for my daughter…. help me to let her go and to entrust her future to you …

  79. Eddie Rose King says:

    I SO needed to read this today! My oldest son, who is 36, is going through some very difficult situations and challenges in his life. I haven’t been sleeping well due to excessive worry, anxiety, etc. I must confess that my faith in God fall short when it comes to my kids. Thank you for reminding me that God always keeps his hand on our children, no matter what age they are. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after reading this *smiles*

  80. Thank you for sharing…its been an even HARDER often unbearable road for this mom as I have a large sword that goes through my heart and out my backside!
    In fact there are 2 SWORDS stuck DEEPLY embedded in my heart…
    Why you ask?
    I have learned to TRUST GOD through the worst hearache imaginable to a parent…
    Watching 2 out of 4 (2 are mightily walking that narrow road with God) of our children walking in a gay lifestyle!

    God has humbled my husb and I as we have wept longgggggg bitter broken hearted tears, learning to STILL TRUST HIM and hold onto HOPE that one day as we stand upon our doorstep with our garments pulled up ready at ANY given time for the 2 of those prodigals to come walking back down that prodigal road where we will run to embrace them!
    We will then prepare a feast for what was once lost can be found!!

    Trusting God inspite of the immense heartache…

    This faithful mom…

  81. I read this early this morning and I am so glad I did – this afternoon I needed it desperately when I called my ex to make he and out son were on their way to our son’s therapy group. He forgot and immediately said gotta go, which I know meant he had to race to the appointment from across town. I was so upset thinking they could get in an accident on their way, how is my son going to feel going into this group late, etc. I thought about this devotion and how I have trusted God to keep my son safe with his dad before. I felt peace replace my anxiety. Thank you for sharing this!

  82. I feel like this was written directly to me. Gods timing is as always just perfect. I sent my first born off to college yesterday. I’m learning how to put my full trust in Gods ability to take care of him. Thank you for this article!

  83. This was the PERFECT post to read tonight. A dear family, The Ingram’s from our church are dealing with the week old accidental shallow-water diving accident of their mid-twenties aged son, Kirk, who is also a husband & a new daddy to Baby Alexa (3 weeks old now). He is currently paralyzed. You can read more by visiting his Caringbridge website as posted here. As a small group member we are doing what we can to offer them support but the timing of this message was spot on. I really appreciate you sharing from your heart. I am reposting this one to Kirk’s mom. Thank you!

  84. God is sooo…AWESOME.My Mentally Ill son is coming home Wednesday & I have been a little concerned about how things will go.This just kind of reassures me that Gods got him, as well,as my other adult children.No matter how old they are there’s always a concern.Thank You Lord ( you’re so on time♡)

  85. As a momma of 4 beautiful kiddos, I hold tightly to the promise found in Jeremiah 29:11. This passage was unknown to me until it was shared by a very dear friend of mine, and I have found it to be the reassurance my heart and mind meditate on to bring peace during times of uncertainty.
    Hopeful it will speak to you as well! Blessings to all and may we each rest in the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father!

  86. I’ve had problems with verses like the one Tracie has used in this devotional. I read the Proverbs 31 devotionals on a regular basis and they do help me keep grounded in my faith, but sometimes I feel like not all of God’s promises are for me ever since my 28 year old son committed suicide five years ago. I have religiously prayed for my children since they were born, especially for their spiritual safe -keeping. All three of my children seem to have abandoned the Christian faith I tried to raise them in and model for them. My heart still bleeds for my son and the horrible pain he must have felt to commit such a horrific act to end that pain. I’m still waiting for some good to come out of this as so many like to promise. Through all this I still manage to put my trust in my Lord who created my children and gave them to me as a precious gift. I trust that His ultimate plan for them is right, just and merciful. It just hurts so much to wait for the final answer. Thank you for letting me share this.

  87. Thank you so much for this timely and comforting devotion. Today I was confronted with a disappointing call from my daughter who is just starting out in the work field and she was passed over for a promotion that she was feeling very confident about. I know her strengths and know that these people just didn’t take the time to see the value that she could add but I also realize the opportunities happen in God’s time. This devotion reminded me that as much as I wish I could change circumstances for her that I have to continue to put my trust in the Lord because he has my child’s best interest in mind at all times.

  88. Raquel Pedraza says:

    Many times I feel like I am a nobody. I feel the lack of identity and no enthusiasm to even get things done! My life feels like its in shambles amd I need to recreate myself. I have no idea on how to even begin, very depressed with no self worth. I feel like the days just pass me without getting anything accomplished. It’s a horrible identity crisis and I rea need and want to find myself again. I need a perspective please help.

    • Hi Raquel, Psalms 34:19 says, Many are the afflictions of the righteous:but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. John 14:27 says Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. You are a creation of the almighty GOD. You are precious in his sight. Know that you are beautiful. You lack nothing. Stand tall and know that God is with you. He will direct your path, if you allow him.

  89. My cousin emailed the devotional to me. I could have written it myself. My youngest daughter is leaving in two weeks to go to college in another state. Being a single mother of two has been difficult. I put my life on hold to raise my daughters. My girls and I are extremely close. My baby girl has been on my hip since she was born. I worry although I know God has his protective angels encamped around both my daughters. Thank you so much for putting thoughts that I have had into words. God does all things well. He never fail. I will trust him…with my precious jewel.

  90. When God speaks, he speaks. You have no idea how close to home this message hit. We are getting ready to drive my first born daughter, Morgan, to college 17 hours away. I could not believe it when I started ready it was like I was reading my own words. I needed that so much and pray that I can somehow put my faith and trust in God for my girl.

  91. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister. So many of us want to fix things that only God can do. I remember when both my daughters went off to college (at separate times ) going through those feelings. And again when my oldest daughter got married. God is so faithful even in times of difficulty. Thank you Lord for always being here for us.

  92. We are taking our youngest to college next week. Thank you for these words. While I know in my heart that God loves her more than I ever could, it’s nice to hear it from someone else.

  93. Melissa H. says:

    By reading all these comments, I can see that I am definitely not alone in my struggles as a mom. Being a parent has been a refining fire in my life. I am so glad that God calls Himself Father so that we can be reminded that He understands all our hurts.
    I have loved being a mom for my two but I have always struggled with anxiety, from kindergarten, to sports, to overseas mission trips, to college and now to both of them getting married next spring (five weeks apart!).
    I have heard it said that we are only as happy as our unhappiest child and I know that is true. Thank you for your reminder to trust Him with our children. They really belong to Him anyway.

  94. I am an older parent : I know I will not have “empty nest” feelings. Just trying to get food on the table and keep our home. Worked for so many years but must stay home now with daughter. My son goes to college and works at the same time, I do keep praying but it get tougher everyday.

  95. Brenda Florek says:

    My first born son (23) accepted a teaching position in London, England, and is due to leave this Friday. Although I am still weepy, I was very comforted and relieved by your message. Thank you for reminding me to entrust him and my worries into God’s hands!

  96. Rebecca Robinson says:

    I thank God for this devotional. I have mixed emotions as we leave to take my son to college tomorrow morning. I realize this is God’s natural plan for my son’s life. I want him to discover who he is fully in God, and he cannot do that sitting under his mother. This message comforts my heart. I know I will shed tears, becuse I am doing so right now. It okay. I will trust the Lord with all my heart, keep my son and his god-siblings in prayer knowing that God has them! I look forward to seeing them grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. Oh, the wonderful plans God has in-store for their lives!

  97. This devotional hits home perfectly. All aspects of motherhood involve some kind of giving up of our children. We release them when they learn to walk to fall and get up again and again and then when before we know it they are leaving home for college and trying to get through the tumultuous time of early adulthood we must release them into God’s watch and care and we struggle to do this. We want to protect them and ensure they make wise choices but we cannot do this for them. My daughter who is 19 is rebelling and avoiding any responsibility at home and has an attitude of “I can do what I want and I don’t care” and this deeply worries me. I have really had to rely on God to help me release her into his care. It’s a daily struggle. I pray that God’s peace and reassurance that he is there for her will help me make it through this worrisome time!

  98. I trusted the lord with my 14 year old son. I prayed for him almost everyday. Yet God allowed him to be killed. Know. This. God does what God wants to do. End of story.

  99. When my son joined the Army in 2000 I had no idea what was to come. when 9/11 occurred, he was more thn anxious to defend our country. it wasnt until almost 2 yrs later he was deployed to Iraq. I was in fear , my only son. What would happen? I prayed and God gave me the answer. I thought about Abraham and how he was told to sacrifice Issaac. How God had spared his only son because Abraham trusted God and was obedient. My heart was at peace and after 3 deployments my son came home safe . I cannot thank God enough for this.

  100. Natalia A. Davis says:

    Thank you so much. Thanks to a dear cousin introducing me to your ministry. I am a single mother, and next Friday, I will be taking my only child, my dear daughter to report for her first year of college. Her university is four hours away. I know that my child has deeply a deeply rooted relationship with with Jesus Christ, and is a great follower/pupil of His teachings. I know that He will take care of my baby. The seperation anxienty is what has me wired. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for both of us since the night of her high school graduation. She is my sweet baby, but one minute she wants her mommy, and the next minute she’s a “grown” young adult. I know that she will stray a bit, but never too far from Christ’s teachings, as well as the values that I, and the rest of the family have instilled in her. This is an exciting time, I am so happy for her. I wish her the best! Still, I can’t help but to think about how empty my nest will be….just me. Please pray for my daughter and me.

  101. Perfect timing! My daughter is going away for college and I was feeling the same emotions as you wrote here about yours. Thank you for the reminder that she is God’s and that I need to entrust her into His care….for He knows the plans He has for her. <3

  102. Search the Internet and one will find many stories of sad moms who just dropped their child off at college. I’m a dad whose son left for college today. I’m heartbroken. I know life going forward has changed forever, his and mine. I will not get to see him or talk to him everyday as I’ve done the last 18 years. It’s only hours since he went off to college, but already I miss him dearly.

  103. Ive been so anxious since my daughter left for University this year and and am so blessed to have stumbled upon this post. Surely not a coincidence. By trusting the Lord with our childrens safety and everything, we as parents can rest easier.

    thank you for reminding me of this.

  104. Autumn Grace says:

    Thank you for sharing this message. I’ve been really struggling for the last two years being separated from my 9yr old son. He primarily lives in Alaska with his father and stepmother, I live in Louisiana. 4,000 miles between the two of us. I am able to have him for some holidays and summer vacations. When I moved 2 years ago my plan was for the both of us to be together here in the south, plans don’t always go accordingly. I’ve unintentionally broken many promises and inevitability his trust in me. All I ever wanted was to provide him with a better life than I was able to give him back up North. He is torn between the two places, he doesn’t want to hurt his father n family there or Me and his new family here. Every day my heart breaks for the pain and greif I’ve caused him, such a pure and innocent soul. I make sure we talk on the phone EVERYDAY or at least I call and leave a message for him if I can’t reach him on his phone. I receive a letter from him yesterday, it said
    ” Dear Mom, Please don’t be sad about what I have to tell you. If I don’t tell you, you’ll never know. Sometimes brake your promises and I feel sad. I find it hard to trust you. Sometimes I feel like I can’t believe what you say. I love you with all my heart. I would feel better if you kept promise’s.
    You moving away made me really sad. If I go down there and stay with you I’ll miss my family up here. Every time I’m living up here I miss you. I feel like I want to go both places. It makes my heart feel sad and frustrated. I love you and I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. It’s hard for me to say this. I love you, send me a letter love you”.
    I’ve tried to keep evey promise I’ve made him since the last one I broke last summer. I believe that his place is here with me and always have. He doesn’t get any one on one time with his father because of his work, step mom or siblings and he has limited one on one time with me because I’m so far away. I’ve been planning on moving back up to Alaska with my partner after this summer but just found out that we are going to have a baby a couple days ago. We were both told by doctors that neither of us could have babies. It’s an unexpected miracle but changes Everything. I don’t know how to tell my son or anyone in my family. I need prayers lots of them. I know that there is a God, I fear him and I cry out to him for guidance and direction, for peace in our hearts and in our minds. At this point and time I feel as though all I’m doing is hurting my son and am going to break another promise to him. All I can do is give him to God and pray that he will forgive me, hopefully one day trust in me again and understand that ALL I EVER wanted was what I thought would be best for both of us. Only God really knows what is best for us and what my son really needs. And I pray that the Lord’s will will be done in our lives. If anyone has any words of advise to help me try and talk to my son about things I would really appreciate them. Or words of encouragement and support, prayers please!!!

  105. Thank you so much for this post! I have a 14 year old daughter that is going into high school. I have been so nervous thinking about it. When she went to preschool she didn’t even look back. Elementary school went by entirely too quickly. Middle school was not fun at all. At first she was excited but that quickly changed. Now in 2 weeks we go to high school. She is really looking forward to it and she is not even intimidated. That may change when we go to orientation a week from Tuesday. She is our only child so this is very challenging.

  106. How about when the parent has had some form of abuse in their life, at a young age by both family and strangers?
    I find it extremely difficult to trust anyone with my children. I love God, but where was he for me? My parents had a ritual of devotions and prayers for us. For our safety. It wasn’t enough. I can’t seem to be able to release that fear that something could happen to my children. No matter how careful we are as parents.

  107. I always trusted in God with regard to the safety of my two children, and in response he took my 38-year-old daughter without warning, leaving our family devastated. Our lives will never be the same again, and we miss her every single day. I have no daughter for my old age, and her only child has no mother to see her graduate, get married, have children. I’m unable to perform the mental gymnastics necessary to believe that this indescribable, horrible pain is part of a “perfect plan for our lives.”

    • Dinah Dunn says:

      Ms. Barbara,

      I can’t explain God’s will in terms of your daughter but here what want you to know. I’m a perfect stranger but it was just last night at a friend’s house that I mouthed these words. Here’s what I told my friends. In route to a business trip, as the plane was lifting God showed me how he’s being carrying me my entire life just as the plane was carrying all of the passengers. He reminded me that it was me that carried you when you lost your mother at age 15. As I explained it to my friends, just as you did that my mother never saw me my graduate from high school, college, have my daughter, get married (in that order, smiling) but on that flight he showed me how he had taken care of you and your precious grand child. I pray that this post gives you some peace. When you are at the end of your knot hang on. Just we feel like we can’t hang on and miracle happens. He sends someone to remind us that he is still lifting us as he did with me. I pray that you find peace and that you will continue to trust God. Before you know it, you will share with another mother of how you got through your pain. I couldn’t correct mistakes but I pray you received the jest of what I said. May God bless and forever keep you and your family!!!

  108. Antointte Nolasco says:

    Thank you so much for oldest son left for the airforce a little over a year ago, then my youngest son was arrested a few months after at age 16 and now he is 18 still fighting his case in court..and just today my only daughter age 20 (only child at home) says she plans to leave out of state to start a new life living with my parents away from this here crying feeling cheated but i know i must trust God & the story of Moses helped wow how that must have been..i see im not alone and i pray the Lord be our strength thank you Ladies

  109. I just found your page as a result of searching for Bible verses about trusting God with our children. While I empathize for all of you and your situations, I want to add yet another layer to this.

    I have a 13 year old daughter who has autism and every day is full of challenges, behavioral, emotional, physical. I found the phrase “unusual child” is what drew me in. Thank you so much for this post. It really helped me.

  110. Found this on the eve of my daughter’s departure for a trip with friends–not a big thing for some, maybe, but for various reasons it is huge for me. I’m doing my best to leave her in God’s capable hands, but your description is so apt–my heart indeed feels like it is in a vise. Your article helped. Thank you.

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