Pushed To That Place

Pushed To That Place


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve blown it with the words I speak, I could buy several plane tickets to somewhere warm and tropical.  The other day at a coffee shop I saw a woman with two small children getting very frustrated, a situation I’ve found myself in many times.

I couldn’t help but hear her berate her husband when he arrived. He was always late, he was inconsiderate, and he didn’t care about the stress she’d faced that day.

Then I noticed the look on her husband’s face. I recognized that look because I’ve seen it on my husband’s face when I’ve caught him off guard like this.

So I’ve decided to try to make a change.  I’ve even made a list of words from the Bible to memorize so they can help me the next time I get so frustrated. Then maybe I won’t blindside my husband by putting all the blame on him!

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