Every Yes Includes A No

Every Yes Includes A No


Some friends and I were talking about our New Year’s resolutions, and sadly we had more stories of frustration than success. One friend shared how her plans to get up early to read her Bible in the morning were impossible because she was too tired. Another friend was in tears because the numbers on her scale are increasing instead of decreasing.

One friend, who is a little older and wiser, tried to encourage us all by reminding us that all good intentions get challenged because we tend to forget every “yes” requires a “no” to something else.

When we say “yes” to getting up early, we have to say “no” to staying up late the night before. If we say “yes” to losing a few pounds, we have to say no to that high-calorie candy bar.

Her input was so good. We all decided to reset our goals and our perspectives.

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