Scattering the Vultures

Scattering the Vultures


What do you do while you wait on God?

In seasons of waiting, I’ve wanted to just sit still until God begins to work. But a lesson tucked in Genesis15 reframed how I wait on God.

The Lord had called Abram to bring an animal sacrifice to the Lord. And while he waits, vultures come to pick at Abram’s offering. Can you imagine his frustration? Maybe you don’t have to imagine.

Are vultures circling as you wait … vultures of discouragement, helplessness, anger, bitterness? Don’t miss Genesis 15:11 — as the vultures come down, Abram drives them away.”

It’s not fun waiting, is it? But waiting isn’t passive, sit on our hands kind of work. Our sacrifices are worth the fight.

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