More Than A Story

More Than A Story


When my son Joshua was seven, he decided to write a book while we were on vacation!

We were getting ready for bed one night, and Josh told me the first story in his book was about a boy who got stung by a stingray, so he was afraid to go in the ocean. That night, he read in the Bible about King David fighting a giant and asked God to give him courage. The next day the boy went into the ocean, and his parents were so proud. Then Josh said, “In the next chapter the boy gets bullied at school, and he’s going to learn about forgiveness.”

My heart ached as Joshua described painful things that had happened to him. Then I realized he saw the Bibleasmore than a bunch of stories. He was describing God as someone he can go to for strength and help when life was hard. I can’t think of anything I want more for my kids than that!

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