What Have You Done For Yourself Today?

What Have You Done For Yourself Today?


What have you done for yourself today? I want you to be honest.

Have you done anything today just for you?  I’m not talking about an hour-long, hot stone massage although that would be good! Instead, have you taken even a moment to do something you want to do?

You know, women are stretched in every way possible.  With all we do for others it’s easy to put ourselves on the back burner, but that’s also how we get burned out. I think we need to get intentional and do a little something for ourselves each day.  Maybe it’s a bubble bath, painting our toenails, reading a chapter of the novel that’s been on our nightstand for weeks, watching our favorite movie, or maybe it’s extra time reading our Bible and listening to music.

When we take 20, 30, or even just five minutes for ourselves, we’re more equipped and able to give all the other minutes away.

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