Nicki Koziarz

Nicki Koziarz

Nicki Koziarz is a wife to a marathon-running man and momma to three beautiful, but hormonal girls. Recently she and her husband purchased a fixer upper farm where life has become quite the adventure, and there’s always some weird smell to figure out.

When Nicki speaks, she inspires others to:

  • Encounter God in a powerful way
  • Believe in the power of Jesus to overcome the impossible in their lives
  • Unite the Church from generation to generation

An evangelist at heart, Nicki has an unrelenting focus to spread the gospel through her generation effectively and powerfully.

Nicki is also on staff with Proverbs 31 Ministries as their Online Bible Study coordinator where she helps lead thousands of women through studies. She contributes to the Encouragement for Today online daily devotional and is featured in the NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women.

You can connect with Nicki on her website: or on Facebook: and on Twitter/Instagram: @NickiKoziarz.

Nicki Koziarz Speaking Topics

Join Nicki Koziarz and Lisa Allen as they take your women on a journey over a fun, interactive and thought-provoking weekend “The Dream You Can’t Give Up On”.  This 3 session conference or retreat will:

  • Provide a personality assessment wrapped in the fun of “What Shoe Are You?” as women learn how God has created them with strengths and weaknesses that lead to a Godly confidence about their wiring.
  • Learn the “Rhythm of a Dream and How to Dance to it” as they identify the 7 stages of a dream rhythm.  This session will plant and water the seeds of the God dream embedded within each of us and how to persevere to the finish line of our dream, trusting God to take the lead in the rhythm dance.
  • Identify the” 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit” that will empower the dreams and callings upon each woman’s life.  This study of Ruth will challenge and inspire women to keep going in the big and small areas of their lives.
  • Identify areas your wiring help you persevere or cause you to quit so that you can follow through on your God-dream.
  • Allow for Q &A with Nicki & Lisa to further personalize each woman’s application of the messages.
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5 Habits of The Woman Who Doesn’t Give Up

You are not a quitter but you feel like quitting all.the.time. You are not alone. In fact, studies show 90% of people who feel they are supposed to do something, quit before they ever see it to completion.

Based on the book of Ruth, Nicki shares 5 powerful habits we see lived out in the life of Ruth. Through this session you will:

  • Receive assurance you are not alone in your struggle to want to quit
  • Recognize the obstacles which make you want to quit
  • Renew your passion for the dreams, goals and plans in your heart
The Miracle is in What’s Left

Do you have problems? Well, if so, you are a candidate for God to do something miraculous. Every miracle in the Bible begins with a problem.

During this session Nicki will inspire you to:

  • Believe God for what feels impossible in your life
  • Find assurance through scripture for your difficult situations
  • Receive hope for the dark places life leaves you in
Be Brave

Do you know what happens when women become brave? Entire communities can be changed, for the good.

This message, based on The Samaritan Woman, will inspire you to:

  • Discover the part of your story God wants to redeem through a step of courage
  • Challenge the defeating thought patterns, which make us feel weak
  • Attempt difficult tasks and conversations with grace and confidence

Through this message Nicki will also share her testimony of God’s redemption through a painful experience in the Church. Her story will be a provision of healing and restoration for those who aren’t sure God can do anything with the messes of their lives.

A Life of Honor

Is honor just for those in leadership or authority over our life?

The Bible has a lot to say about honor! In fact, it’s a game changer for teams, ministries and communities. Through years of leadership experience, Nicki has seen how honor has the potential to move teams to a higher level, creating a wider impact for the Gospel.

Nicki will teach your team/group the three basic principles of honoring those above them, beside them and below them.

Through personal stories and practical application you will leave this session with:

  • A fresh, Biblical perspective on what honor is and isn’t
  • Tools to help you and your team discover each other’s “honor-language”
  • Gain a passion for staying in a place of humility and honor to see God work in ways you could have never imagined
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How To Help Your Marriage Find God

“Will this marriage survive?” It’s the question wives across the world are asking. While in a perfect situation marriages start off with both people walking and staying close to God, real life shows us it doesn’t always happen that way.

Through practical steps and authentic stories, Nicki helps wives find God in their marriage by:

  • Embracing the husband you have now, not the husband you wish you had
  • Finding peace for your marriage in the midst of conflict
  • Discovering helpful tips for putting God at the center of your marriage
That’s Your Monkey, This Is Your Circus

Most moms wonder why their children all act so differently! And why doesn’t one method of parenting work for every child? Nicki helps moms understand their kid’s personality types and how to love, discipline and encourage them based on their “animal profile.” Based on the book, Taming the Family Zoo, through humor and practical teaching this session will guide moms to:

  • Discover their child’s personality type and how to best support it
  • Gain confidence in knowing God designed them to be their child’s mom
  • Recognize the obstacles which keep moms from experiencing freedom in their parenting
The Great Santa Debate

Santa or no Santa? It’s the debate every parent has. And the Santa debate is one of the greatest.

In this fun message, Nicki helps moms:

  • Teach their kids the birth of Jesus isn’t a tradition, it’s a miracle
  • Redefine the traditions they grew up with
  • Let go of Christmas-perfection
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3 Great Principles for Young Leaders

Nicki shares 3 life-changing principles for young leaders centered on the life of Moses. Through this challenging session young leaders will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of leading like Jesus
  • Passion for the people God places around them to lead
  • Hope for reaching their generation for Jesus Christ
5 Questions every 20-something Must Answer

The 20’s are a season of seeking. Based on Ephesians 2:1-10, Nicki will help 20-somethings answer the five most important questions about the direction their lives are heading. This session will help 20-somethings:

  • Gain a confidence for the calling God has placed on their life
  • Discover what God’s Word says about their gifts, talents and abilities
  • Find a sense of direction as they continue to navigate their 20’s

What Others are Saying:

“I had the privilege of hearing Nicki Koziarz speak at a retreat I recently attended. I walked away that weekend feeling so blessed and full of God’s love. Nicki just oozes with the love of Jesus in such a contagious way. She is extremely motivating and full of biblical truths. She is truly a gifted speaker, humble servant, and teacher of God’s truths.  I highly recommend Nicki as a speaker and assure you she will capture your attention as well as your heart.”
–Tonya McCoy, Attendee

“Nicki’s passion for God’s Word and truth burst out of her Spirit-filled message. She became alive and had an energy that could only be explained by the anointing of the Holy Spirit speaking through her. I wasn’t ready for her to stop talking and look forward to hearing her speak again one day!”
–Sarah Travis, Attendee

“Nicki boldly proclaims a relevant and captivating message of TRUTH and HOPE from God’s Word! Months after hearing her message, Nicki’s message is still impacting my life!
–Stacey Mendro, Attendee

“Nicki brings a freshness and energy to her craft. Even though Nicki has a passion for Millennials, she speaks truth relevant to all generations and genders. She has a way of connecting with her audience such that you come away feeling like you’ve shared fellowship with your best girlfriend.”
–Susan McConnell, First Baptist Clover
Women’s Ministry Committee

“Nicki is an influencer for the Kingdom. She doesn’t just talk about God – she knows Him. She dives deep into scripture and connects Biblical principles with everyday life while sharing passionately through stories of personal struggle and triumph. She is funny, creative, and real. Her warm, southern style and humor help her audience put down their guard quickly and invites transformation and change as she delivers her message with Godly wisdom and insight. Nicki is a wife, a mother, a friend – a woman we can all relate to.”
–Shelly Faust, Attendee

“Nicki Koziarz has the ability to speak directly into the heart of her audience with such passion and realness. You walk away from her messages challenged and ready to take your next step.”
–Holly Myers, Revolution Church’s Senior Pastor
Wife, President of Unbound Ministries

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