Live Full, Walk Free With Cindy Bultema

November 9, 2021
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Disclaimer: We want to be mindful of all listeners when we discuss a topic that may be triggering to some, or not age appropriate for children. In this episode, we will be talking about the realities of addiction. Please see our related resources below for additional tools on this topic.

What does it mean to live full and walk free in a world where temptations are on every corner? So often our humanity gets in the way of who we are in Christ, and leads us down paths we don't want to be on.

On this episode of the podcast, Cindy Bultema shares her personal testimony of recovering from addiction and how to live fully and walk freely in Christ. In this honest conversation, we process how to avoid the triggers of temptation, how to get to the root of what causes us to be tempted, and ultimately the freedom we have in Christ to renew our hearts and minds each day. Cindy shares that what we believe about God, and therefore ourselves, matters, and starting with that foundational belief is the key to a full, free life in Christ.

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If you or someone you love is looking for a Christian counselor, the American Association of Christian Counselors is a great resource for finding one that's right for you. 
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