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Elizabeth Laing Thompson


Elizabeth Laing Thompson is a speaker and novelist, and the author of many inspirational books for women and teens, including All the Feels, All the Feels for Teens, and the When God Says series. She writes to help others find hope when they're waiting, help when they're hurting, and humor in holiness. Her work has appeared in numerous outlets including Proverbs 31, Power for Living, Focus on the Family Magazine, and Brio Magazine.

After a long struggle with infertility, Elizabeth and her husband, Kevin, became the always exhausted but totally grateful parents of four children, three of whom are now teenagers. When she's not inhaling Starbucks mochas and plotting her next book, Elizabeth works from home as an editor and church volunteer (that's code for "pastor's wife"), and as a snack maker, couch snuggler, laundry slayer, floor mopper, not-so-gourmet chef, and interpreter-slash-counselor of teenage feelings. She prays the lessons she is learning, trying to wrestle Christ into the chaos of daily life, will give others hope, practical help and a lot of good laughs.

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