Obedient No Matter the Cost

August 26, 2018
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What kind of woman is God calling you to be today? A woman everyone likes, or a woman who is obedient no matter the cost, and humble no matter what others may think? 

Oftentimes the steps of obedience God asks of you might not be popular with the “in” crowd. He might ask you to go out of your way to love someone completely unlovable or stand up for someone who isn’t popular. He might even ask you to not move forward when you could so easily take matters into your own hands.

But what do you do when others are looking? You have to make the choice between doing what you know is right, or doing what makes you look good right now.

In today’s episode of The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast, you’ll hear Meredith Brock give a fresh, applicable message on how the Lord is changing her heart to be obedient no matter the cost. You’ll learn…

  • The choice to be obedient to God will last far longer than the approval of others.
  • The feeling of peace doesn’t always immediately follow the decision to be obedient.
  • How to tell if there are some voices you’re giving too much authority to in your life, and that it’s okay to silence them.

The struggle to be obedient doesn’t get easier with age and brings new challenges with every season.

To read this episode’s transcript, click here.

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