Why Mentoring Matters

August 25, 2020
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Have you ever been asked to mentor someone, or maybe wanted someone to mentor you, but found it kind of awkward or wished someone told you what to do?

Join Lysa TerKeurst and her friend Shelley Giglio from Passion City Church as Shelley breaks down what mentorship is and what it isn’t. With wisdom from years of experience, she will show us the value of these relationships, and will equip us with tools to flourish in them. Our hosts, Kaley and Meredith, even get to ask her some questions directly related to mentorship in their different stages of life. We promise, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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Check out these resources by Shelley and her team at Passion City Church. You can visit flourishmentor.com to learn more about Flourish and how to purchase it. There are also free resources for beginning your mentoring journey!

Follow Shelley and her team at The Grove @shelleygiglio and @pcc_thegrove on Instagram. 

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