"The Importance of Relationships" With Dr. Heather Thompson Day

January 17, 2023
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One out of five Americans says they don't have one person they can talk to.

As we move more and more into a digital society, we can lose our ability to have healthy, thriving relationships. Loneliness has become an epidemic, but the Bible has a lot to say about how we interact with one another. On this episode, Dr. Heather Thompson Day teaches us about the urgency of having meaningful friendships in a world that quickly writes people off as toxic. Learn how to find and commit to relationships even when they are challenging, and find the connection and happiness you are really longing for.

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Get your copy of Dr. Heather Thompson Day’s book I’ll See You Tomorrow: Building Relational Resilience When You Want to Quit, and recognize the value of a healthy (and small) circle rather than a large one, and refuse to let fear of what may or may not happen cause you to miss the beauty of what is.

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