Why Bitterness Isn’t All Bad: Maybe Your Heart is Broken, Not Bitter

Why Bitterness Isn’t All Bad

When loss happens, bitterness wants to move in.

It's complicated when your personal feelings of loss or emptiness came because of another person’s selfishness or irresponsibility. Something in your life can never be the same. Now, this sorrow has invited a bitterness you didn’t even know you were capable of.

But your heart is much too beautiful of a place for bitterness, resentment or unhealed pain. What if bitterness is actually a seed of beautiful potential not yet planted in the rich soil of forgiveness?

With this free resource from Lysa TerKeurst, you will be equipped to:

  • Start moving on from your hurt or heartbreak by uncovering three misconceptions about bitterness the enemy doesn’t want you to know.
  • Identify how bitterness is holding you hostage with specific prompts to journal through today.
  • Find strength in the hard moments of your healing journey by receiving a personal declaration from Lysa to hold on to.


Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.


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