Guide to Tough Conversations

While it feels easier to avoid tough conversations, it's not always what's best. Initiating a hard conversation with someone, and figuring out how to do it without deeply hurting that person or the relationship, can be the most difficult part of the process.

We created this guide to give you some practical and biblical steps for having challenging conversations with the people you love.

"A Guide to Tough Conversations" will help you:

  • Prepare for hard conversations beforehand with steps to address issues with whoever you are talking to.
  • Avoid misunderstanding and possible tensions with a list of "do's and don'ts" for challenging conversations.
  • Approach conversations in a God-honoring way by looking at biblical examples for handling tough conversations.
  • Navigate being on the receiving end of a tough conversation so you are able to keep your relationships intact.
  • Take it a step further with a list of additional free resources for specific topics you may be walking through.

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