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Lynn Cowell is part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’ speaker and writing team. As the author of several books, written for women of all ages, her newest Bible study for women is: Esther: Seeing Our Invisible God in an Uncertain World and Loved & Cherished: 100 Devotions for Girls.

Lynn's messages equip women to:

  • Find their confidence and identity in God’s unfailing love, rather than in their own abilities.
  • Recover from defeating decisions to move forward toward a strong self-worth.
  • Identify and address the fears that keep them stuck, with practical steps to walk in their calling with confidence.

Lynn calls home North Carolina, where she and her husband, Greg and the occasional backyard deer are adjusting to life as “just us”. Along with their three adult children and their spouses, the Cowells love hiking, cooking together and anything combining chocolate and peanut butter. Connect with Lynn today at www.LynnCowell.com and on Instagram and Facebook at Lynn Cowell. Lynn looks forward to hearing your heartbeat for your event and coming alongside to minister with you.

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Speaking Topics

Events for Women

  • {full conference or single session message}

    I want to be all God's created me to be; do all I was made to do. So what's holding me back?

    Doubt. Doubt that you have all you need to do all He's given you to do. What you need is confidence.

    Lynn reveals the secret behind finding a confidence that holds up, even in the worst situations. She’ll share how to:

    • Increase your confidence, empowering you to fulfill your dreams and purpose.
    • Position yourself to not lose your confidence – even in the worst circumstances.
    • Build your confidence on the one thing that cannot be taken from you.
    • Recover from confidence defeating decisions to move forward toward spiritual maturity.
    • Stop the agonizing mental chatter and replace it with security-building truth.
  • {full conference or single session message}

    This journey you’re on is filled with many twists and turns. Some of those will lead to advances, yet others will feel more like retreats. No matter what season of trials and triumphs we are in, we can be empowered with God’s confidence to keep moving forward no matter what comes.

    Based on her own experience with triumphs and defeat, Lynn empowers women with 5 practical steps learned from the Daughters of Zelophehad in the book of Numbers.  In this session  you will:

    • Realize you're not alone in wrestling to move forward in life.
    • Recover from defeat to move forward toward a strong self-worth.
    • Recognize the pieces you're missing to help you to keep going.
    • Restore the hope you've lost by arresting your fears, empowering you to accomplish your personal assignments.
  • So many things press for our time and for our attention. Some very important; others not so much. With all this pulling - back and forth - how can we possibly be successful and purposeful?

    In You Must be Present to Win, Lynn will give you practical steps to finding just what and who it takes to win in fulfilling the purposes God has for you and your life!

  • What does it look like to be a woman changing her world in this century? With all of the mixed signals our culture sends to us, we are living in a very confusing time as girls and women.  Let's open God's word to see how God puts a high value on women, has always been calling women to impact the world and calls to us now to step up and make a difference right here, right now!

  • {full conference or single session message}

    You know the feeling of “I don’t want to be here” or “I don’t want what is happening right now.” I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t felt that way at one time or another! Maybe like I did, you just want to curl up on your floor and quit too. (Maybe not quit in a way that is visible on the outside, but quit on the inside.) You are tired of trying, tired of the work. You’re just holding your breath, trying to get through another day.

    Life has a way of rattling our confidence. Bringing home a baby for the first time or becoming a grandma for the first time. What am I doing? I don’t know how to do this. I’m not enough. Overwhelm tries to take over. Doubt seeps in. Leaving the safety of home to secure a job or leaving a secure job to stay at home. That … I knew how to do. But this … I don’t want this. From personal training to potty training. From restoring failed finances to restoring failed relationships, our hearts and minds whisper: It would be so much easier to just check out. Slip into survival mode. Maybe we’re already there.

    Based on the lives of women in the Bible, including Deborah and Abigail, together, let’s discover how to:

    • Live secure in every season, even in the worst situations.
    • Replace loneliness, rejection, and pain with acceptance, affirmation, and approval regardless of where we are.
    • Discover how to overcome the self-doubt whispers and find freedom to reach our full potential.
    • Find the love you crave so your love-gap is finally filled.
  • Complicated; even predictable. I know – you’re not supposed to say that about your faith. But it can so easily become true. It is good to be stable and consistent, but Jesus never intended for our relationship with Him to be boring.

    It’s time to break up with boredom! In this full conference or one-session message, Lynn will not only challenge you, but will help empower you to:

    • Move past the mundane into the life Jesus called rich and satisfying
    • Become ruined for the ordinary and desire His extraordinary
    • Discover what is missing and how to find fulfilling in your walk with Jesus
  • There is so much pressure at Christmas when it comes to gift-giving. So much emphasis is put on the shopping, the wrapping and then when it is all said and done you can still be left feeling so “outgiven”. As a self-professed less-than-stellar gift-giver, Lynn helps us to see in It Really Is All About Giving how even God Himself has said this season is about gift-giving. Knowing this and embracing this truth will make all the difference in your life this Christmas season!

Events for Parents

  • As our children grow older, life just seems to become busier. Somewhere along this journey called parenting communication can all to easily stop. The child who clung to your every move now seems to run when you come near.

    Want to turn it around?

    Leaning on nearly 25 years of parenting experience, Lynn will share her secrets for having the connection and communication you and your child long for! (And it may or may not involve jumping out of a plane!)

Events for Young Adults and Teens

  • {full conference or single session message}

    Every young woman should break out of the cultural definition of beautiful and break into God’s so she can reach her fullest potential. To do this, she must be brave! This talk/conference challenges young adults and/or teens to push past relationship drama to get to God’s best for her. To bravely make the switch from looking for the guy to becoming the girl. Young women will be encouraged and empowered to become the one God created her to become; a gutsy, God girl who displays His character and honors God.

  • {full conference or single session message}

    You see it; the undercurrent of culture threatening to pull you under. As her mentor or mom, you also see something she is missing: the full potential laying just under the surface of all her trying.

    It’s time for her to break out of the suffocation of trying to becoming who God created her to be. She is more than she knows! Let’s empower her to be brave enough to make the move and discover who intended her to be! Together we’ll:

    • Figure out what a personal & growing relationship with Jesus looks like (and why she should want one).
    • Learn how to block out the noise to hear the voice of God.
    • Develop and stick to boundaries so she can reach her fullest potential.
    • Create confidence leading to higher self-esteem by discovering the love she craves

    Sessions can include:

    • You’re Brave Enough
    • Becoming a World-Changer
    • Beyond Snap-Chat: Finding Life-long Friends
  • What will my life be like? Who will I be? Whether girls put these concerns into words or struggle anxiously with these thoughts, during this season of change, girls have questions. Sometimes these questions also come with fears and they need a safe place to process these fears. 

    Building a foundation for the years to come, this message will empower young girls to find confidence in God, rather than in someone, some place, or some thing, as culture will all-too-soon tell them to. 

    Lynn will also prepare girls to:

    • Overcome confidence-defeating thoughts and stand on who Jesus says she is.
    • Shape her self-worth on Christ and overcome the temptation base it on environmental factors.
    • Build a strong foundation to face the fickle and flippant opinions of others.
    • Find approval of herself even when she lacks the acceptance of others.
    • Find security by turning to Christ as she steps through the exciting, yet scary world of growing up.

For a full list of Lynn’s topics, please click here to visit her website.

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What Others Are Saying About Lynn

“Proverbs 31 speaker, Lynn Cowell, was a blessing to our annual women's retreat this year! She connected easily with the women, ranging in age from 18 to mid-'70s. Her mission was not only to bring a powerful message from God but also to minister individually to any woman who had a need. She did a fantastic job! Lynn was relatable to many of our women and easily became one of our group over the weekend. She brought the Word and God's message powerfully, eloquently, and lovingly to our ladies. Many of them left the weekend with changed lives, an understanding that they were made for more, and a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. We love Lynn and look forward to having her at future events!”
— Kim, Women's Ministry Director, Loganville Baptist Church, Loganville, GA

“Lynn gives such practical sermons with great illustrations that help everyone remember the truths she shares from God’s Word. She is engaging and relatable, and her contagious love of Jesus makes you sit up and listen”
— Stephanie, Women's Ministry Leader, Southside Church, Athens, GA

“When Lynn speaks, she brings the Word. She is relatable and took all the time necessary to connect with our women. Her genuine heart shines through on and off the stage."
— Jody, First Impressions Director, City Church, Gastonia, NC