How Do I Stop Worrying

How Do I Stop Worrying

January 30, 2015

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

As I began my morning praying God’s Word, I didn’t foresee the news that would come later that afternoon. I didn’t realize how much I would need to hold on to the promise woven into Philippians 4:6-7. But God knew.

As the verse came to me, the words didn’t seem to resonate deeply within my peace-filled heart. I knew these words to be true, but I wasn’t worried or anxious about anything. Nonetheless I prayed the words and went on with my normal routine.

Later that afternoon, my dad called. His usual pleasantries about the weather and questions about the grandkids were short this time. My mom was in the hospital. The symptoms pointed to a stroke, but the doctors were still unsure.

Hours of waiting and tests would ensue before we’d know anything. Only thing is I’m not a waiter. I am a doer. When life unravels and reels out of control, I do anything within my power to fix the situation. When situations cannot be fixed, I worry. Subconsciously, I believe I’m exercising some sort of direction over circumstances I can’t possibly change. My parents lived over 500 miles away. Even the desire to simply jump in my car and be present was not feasible at the time.

In the midst of my search for sense in the senseless, the words I prayed from today’s key verse came to me: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).

I realized with stark clarity how God was preparing me for what was to come. These verses gave me clear instruction for what I was to do with my worry. I was to give it to God.

With a new sense of direction, I prayed for my mom and my family. I prayed for the doctors who were working to find a diagnosis and the staff who were caring for her. I thanked God for getting my mom to the hospital safely and for the availability of the care she needed. I thanked Him for giving the living Word I needed.

As I prayed, my doer nature realized I was doing something. Although I still had no control over the situation, I was bringing it before the Almighty One who did. And that was the very best “doing.”

An unspeakable peace came over me and just as the Scripture verse states, I did not understand it. But I was so grateful for it. His instruction and promise carried me until we were able to get some answers.

Hours later, my dad called saying my mom was going to be okay. As suspected, she had experienced a stroke, but with physical and occupational therapy the doctors expected her to regain much of her previous functionality. Weeks later, I came home for Christmas and listened as she played Christmas hymns on the piano. I was amazed. Not only had God given me peace when I needed it, but He had answered our prayers in a way I didn’t anticipate.

When we carry the Word of God in our hearts, it becomes a weapon against worry and anxiousness.

Things beyond our control will happen in our day-to-day lives, but we can equip ourselves with the Truth that protects our hearts and minds. When we do this, the words become like a soothing balm for our anxious souls.

Confidence replaces doubt and peace replaces worry. We find sweet rest because instead of relying on our own strength to carry us, we rely on the promises found in Christ Jesus.

Dear God, thank You for the power that is found in Your Word and the gift of prayer. When life is overwhelming, help me to remember the promises found in Scripture. Help me to realize that when I pray, I am bringing my cares before the One who cares perfectly. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (NIV)

Psalm 119:45, “And I will walk at liberty and at ease, for I have sought and inquired for [and desperately required] Your precepts.” (AMP)

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Does worry keep you up at night? You might enjoy Micca Campbell’s book, An Untroubled Heart.

What current struggles cause you to worry? Is it something you can control? Or is it a situation you need to give to God?

Memorize one of the above verses and carry it in your heart. Write it on a note card, stick it on your mirror or your fridge, or whatever you need to do to remember it. When trouble comes, pray those words aloud.

© 2015 by Abby McDonald. All rights reserved.

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  1. This has been my go to verse for a while now, Phil4,6-7.
    I just opened today’s devotion, in the wee hours of morning.. Earlier, yesterday, I received a very worrisome diagnosis. In time, more information and care providers will come my way. Thank you Lord for placing this reminder in my inbox! I needed a gentle reminder.

    • Caren, I am praying for you today as you wait to hear more information. Waiting is so hard, but God is in control. I am so thankful to hear that this word encouraged you today. Praise God! That is my hope whenever I write anything. Thank you sharing here today.

    • One of the things my husband and I are currently dealing with is the health of one of our leopard geckos. We are concerned that we aren’t good pet parents because one is thriving, while the other one seems to be withering away. The one that’s having trouble hasn’t been eating. We’re trying to give this over to God in prayer; however, it’s so hard on us to see our leopard gecko in this health issue.
      “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV) Amen! What a very wonderful thing to remember! We shouldn’t be worried about anything whatsoever. We should give all our concerns over to God in prayer. During our quiet time in His presence, we should ask Him to take our concerns away.
      “Dear God, thank You for the power that is found in Your Word and the gift of prayer. When life is overwhelming, help me to remember the promises found in Scripture. Help me to realize that when I pray, I am bringing my cares before the One who cares perfectly. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~ Abby McDonald Amen! What a wonderful thing to remember! When we are bringing our cares before God, it’s good to remember just how much He totally does care for us in His very perfect way.
      1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (NIV)
      Amen! How so totally true! We should always remember to give God our cares and concerns. Isn’t it wonderful to realize just how much He cares so deeply for us at all times?
      Psalm 119:45, “And I will walk at liberty and at ease, for I have sought and inquired for [and desperately required] Your precepts.” (AMP) Wow! What a wonderful thing to remember! We won’t have a care in the world when we turn our concerns completely over to the Lord. We’ll feel liberated once we’ve allowed our burdens to be lifted away from us.

      • Hi Nico,

        I’m praying for your pet gecko.
        Do you have a vet in your area that you can take it to? also, is one eating all the food not sharing with the other? Can they be separated? Just a thought?

        God bless you and your family.

  2. I needed this today! My husband in hospital and our marriage not doing well…. Its all beyond my control…its in Gods! Thanks for the reminder!

    • I am so glad to here it encouraged you, Tiffany. You are right; it is in God’s hands. I am praying for you and your husband today. May God give you peace in the midst of your circumstances and wisdom to take your next steps. Marriage is such hard work, but it is definitely worth the fight. Much love to you.

  3. I’ve been using Roman 8:28 I thank God I was able to read this. Because all things will work together for our good. That’s God’s promise. I will write your verse down. I need not be anxious for anything.

    • Yes, write it down! That verse has encouraged me so many times when I’ve been worried or anxious about something. Thank you so much for sharing today. Romans 8:28 is another one of my go-to verses.

  4. Thank you, Abby, for this reminder that prayer isn’t doing nothing. It is doing the most important thing.

    • Yes, it is, Shirlee. I think it’s difficult for us to understand that sometimes because we can’t physically see God, but I’ve seen him do so many amazing things through prayer. It really is such a gift. Thank you for reading and sharing today.

  5. Karen Campbell says:


  6. This verse came to me on the way to my mother’s funeral 5 years ago now. I said it over and over again, not sure it could penetrate the pain of loss. Two years later it showed up again at my younger brother’s funeral, not only in thought but as I flipped open my bible and again in an open bible passage at the little chapel I happened to be working at. I guess I have never been one of those people who seem to get directions directly from God but I do know it can be no coincidence He fed my heart with comfort during the most trying times of my life.

    • What an amazing testimony, Carol. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom and brother, but love hearing how God comforted you through those difficult times. His peace truly does surpass all understanding.

  7. God’s timing is perfect. This has been a scripture I have held onto for along time. It was of great comfort when my husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and not given a good prognosis. Today he is still in treatment and has been doing very well. Today is another important day as there is further test today and I have certainly had my moments of anxiety. Yet our loving Father,once again timely brings this verse to me for today.

    • Lisa, how wonderful that God brought this scripture back to you during your time of need. That is amazing! I am praying for you today. May God give peace and strength to you and your husband as you go through this difficult time and may He wrap his mighty arms around you and speak love to you through those around you.

  8. Brenna Smith says:

    I needed this in a big way this morning. Thank you.

  9. This was perfect timing as I received a phone call from my mom last night about my dad – he is not well and things are pointing to cancer on his esophagus, it’s not confirmed yet, as more testing needs to be done but his health is declining. I will write this down and keep it with me to help remind me to present my prayers and worries to God.

    • Marcia, this scripture has become a go-to verse for me. Yes, write it down, hold it in your heart and pray it when you become worried and anxious. I am lifting you up in prayer today. May God work through this difficult situation and strengthen you and your dad. May you feel his peace today and going forward. Amen.

  10. I fully understand this and thank you my verse given to me was Isaiah 41:10 and I had no idea how many times I would say that and continue to say that I memorized it because it was such a strong verse about not fearing and not being dismayed little did I know that my son was to be diagnosed with schizophrenia and I would have many moments where fear and dismay would try to overtake me but said the verse and prayed and felt peace thanks for the reminder how verses make a difference!!!

    • Yes, Isaiah 41:10 is another very powerful verse, Debbie. I never fully understood how praying from scripture and memorizing would affect me until I started. It is simply amazing how it guards our hearts and gives us peace during our times of need. Thank you for sharing today.

  11. Edinah Kerubo says:

    I’m very much blessed with your words of encouragement,I’m in the situation but I leave it unto the hands of our God to take care and I will meditate the verses all through,thank you.

    • I am so glad to hear it encouraged you, Edinah. God is faithful. This scripture is one of my go-to verses and has helped me in so many situations, so yes, memorize it, write it down, and guard it in your heart. I am lifting you up in prayer today.

  12. I needed this. I too am waiting for test results from a biopsy. I am worried, but worry will not change a thing. Only prayer can. Help me pray this prayer today. I need to walk in the truth of the verses today. I desperately need that sweet rest and confidence to replace my worry and doubt.

    • Oh Anne, you are in God’s hands, sweet sister. Not a tear falls that he does not hold in his hand. I am praying for you today. May God give you his peace and guard your heart as you wait for the results.

  13. Wonderfully said. Timeless advice that we need to heed always. We have a joke at my women’s Bible study: “The throne before the phone”….how many times do we want to rush to call a friend or family member about a situation when we need to sit down and pray about it first and foremost. Thanks for the insight!

  14. Presently I am seeking God’s peace. This isn’t the first blog I’ve read this morning about it, so I know God wants me to have that peace. I need to put my cares in his capable hands. And so I’m placing my three week old granddaughter Olivia who has Trisomy 18, a chromosomal disorder. This has been a hard journey because we knew about it in September and still I prayed for God’s will. Now we are watching as she has little episodes where she needs oxygen. This is one of the hardest things I’ve gone through and believe me I have experienced God’s strength through some difficult ones. My mom passed away from a massive stroke when I was just sixteen. Eight years later, our dad died to cancer and six years after that our sister disappeared and died as a victim of domestic violence. God drew me closer to himself with each of these losses, just as he did when we lost our brother a few years ago to cancer, and then a year or so later we lost our younger brother to a massive heart attack. I am trying to trust him because God is the only place I can go. So I’m thanking him that we got to meet and hold and love Olivia. I would appreciate prayers as I watch my son lose his precious little one.

    • You have my prayers, dear sister. I usually have words of comfort, but they fail me. I can’t imagine your pain–but thankfully, you know the One who can–and does.

    • Praying for you and your family…especially little Olivia!

    • Oh Anne, I am certainly praying for you and your granddaughter right now. I am praying that He gives you peace and comfort during this difficult time, and that he will strengthen little Olivia. I only recently heard of Trisomy 18 and I can only imagine what you are going through right now. Thank you for sharing here so that your fellow brothers and sisters and Christ could lift you up.

    • My prayers are with you and your family. Praying for sweet precious moments and lasting memories. Only God’s peace can calm a storm like this, Anne. May you be filled to overflowing.

    • dear Annie, It’s always hard to go through diffacult times but when it involves our little ones there is nothing worse & I have no comforting words either.I will pray for you and yours. Iwill pray for a complete healing.

  15. thank you for posting this. I needed it this morning. It showed me how I am to pray when I am anxious. Thank you

  16. JoAnn Horneker says:

    Beautiful reflection on one of the most powerful verses!

  17. Wonderful message! It was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  18. Thank you for this post this morning. I can’t believe the perfect timing of it; although I should. I’ve been dealing with an illness that causes chronic dizziness/vertigo and imbalance and woke up this morning really feeling ill and anxious about it. I remembered this verse and starting praying it and all the others I could think of about not worrying. Then I opened up my email to find this! I’m thanking the Lord for always speaking to me through His living word.

  19. As someone who worries too much, has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and suffers from occasional panic attacks… This was JUST what I needed to read. I’ve known these verses most of my life, and I’ve known since the day of my salvation years ago that God will never forsake me, but I continually battle against these feelings. THANK YOU for writing this because every time I hear a song, sermon, or read something on this topic, I can feel God’s reassurances and promises again and again!!!!

    • It is a continual battle for sure, Emily, but God is faithful and patient to remind us of his promises and the truth in his Word. I struggle with worry and anxiety too, and God has used these verses, along with others, so many times to bring me peace. I’m so thankful God reassured you today.

  20. I am definitely a worrier. Physically, I struggle being a doer but definitely am a mental doer. This devotion is very timely in my personal life. I am committed to living this scripture daily and learning it by rote. Yesterday, my sister had to put down her family dog; Rosie, who was older than her 3 children, the oldest being 15. Pets are not people, however, they are important parts of many families. I am heart broken for me sister and her family. Rosie was very special to our entire extended family but we all have peace knowing that by prayer it was what was best for her as she no longer suffers.

    • Courtney, my family has two dogs who have been with us since before we were married so I can imagine how you are feeling. They truly do become part of the family. I’m glad God spoke to you today. His Word is powerful and a true weapon against our worrying nature.

  21. Abby,
    I never have read the phrase “praying God’s Word” so I had to read it twice to catch what you were saying. It’s so necessary to know His word well enough to recall it in our time of need and to repeat it back to Him. I want to thank you for praying for me. I guess I never thought to do so before. In our Wednesday morning Bible study here, we were each thanking the Lord for something and I thanked Him for my recovery. I think the Lord was helping me to know His will about playing the piano at Dutch Fork. I was conflicted about Gary and me being in different churches and I kept praying about what I should do. Gary was thinking of giving up his ministries at Gateway, but I knew he didn’t want to do so. I am thankful that the Lord has given me other opportunities to play. I appreciate you devotion. It’s a great way to start the day. Love, mom

    • I never considered how God would use what happened to work through that situation, but I am thankful that you and Dad found the answer. Thank you for your encouragement, Mom. Love you.

  22. Perfect timing on this. My two teens are getting their wisdom teeth pulled this morning. My son is all for it, to get it done and over with, but my daughter is scared and broke down crying last night. I will share this verse with them, and hold onto it myself.

    • I have been in your daughter’s situation and I know it can be scary. Those verses are go-to scripture for me and have helped me numerous times. I pray they give her peace and comfort as well.

  23. It was good to be reminded of this verse again. We have a move coming up soon from the USA to Canada. Our youngest is in 9th grade, and the next one up is going to college. Since we don’t know yet where we will be going in that big country, it is hard to know what college to apply to for her. There are a lot of other details, and it is so easy to feel anxiety, even when I know and believe that God has got this all in his hand. He already knows where, and all the other details etc… I am learning to “Let it Go” and thank God for what he already has done and will do.

    • Patricia, I’ve never moved to a different country, but I’ve moved across the US several times. It is never easy. But knowing God knows right where we’re headed and trusting in His direction, provision, and timing made all the difference. Praying God’s blessings on this move and for peace as you wait upon His leading in each situation.

  24. What a powerful word Abby! I want to store more and more of God’s word in my heart as arsenal against my great enemy of worry. Thank you for reminding me that is the key. Love you Abby!

  25. I am struggling with worry and have for all my 55 years! Today’s devotion reminded me that praying IS doing something. I’m dealing with a situation where a couple is trying to take my parents estate. They claim to be Christian and give concerts in churches!

  26. What a great reminder and one of my favorite verses. As my children are in college or have just moved out on their own – praise God LOL. I still want to “control” their lives. Sometimes choices they cause me to worry. I am a fortune telling queen in my own mind. But God reminds me to live in the present and not to worry. I am learning to leave my worries at the foot of the cross and trust that his plans for my children – even when they ver from the path – are good and he will watch over and guide them better than anything I could ever imagine or ask

    • Oh Lisa, I can imagine the worry you have over your children. Mine are still very young, but when my oldest started elementary school I used to worry all the time. He has food allergies and I was always concerned he would accidentally eat something he couldn’t have. God is faithful and watches over them better than we ever can. Praying for you and your sweet family today.

  27. Thank you so much for ministering this devotional with us. It comes in a very timely manner. There has been chaos and disrespect from my daughter causing unrest and stress at home. As I sit here alone reading this devotional I thank God for reminding me that He is with me and is in control. These verses are encouraging and give hope. Bless you.

    • I am so glad the word came to you when you needed it, Belinda. Those verses have comforted me so many times during difficult situations. Praying for you and your family today. May God calm the unrest that is in your home and bring the peace only he can give.

  28. So excited to see you here, dear Abby! Wow, you are right: subconsciously we think we’re exercising some kind of control over situations far beyond our control by worrying! Totally illogical. Totally irrational. But totally true for me. I love your thought that we’re actually DOING something constructive when we pray.

    My husband had a fairly serious mini-stroke 6 years ago, and I’m amazed at how he recovered. God is good, and I choose to trust Him to give my husband a long, healthy life.

  29. So excited to see you here, dear Abby! Wow, you are right: subconsciously we think we’re exercising some kind of control over situations far beyond our control by worrying! Totally illogical. Totally irrational. But totally true for me. I love your thought that we’re actually DOING something constructive when we pray.

    My husband had a fairly serious mini-stroke 6 years ago, and I’m amazed at how he recovered. God is good, and I choose to trust Him to give my husband a long, healthy life.

    • My husband had a mini stroke two weeks ago. Thank the Lord, he is OK, but still dealing with medical condition that caused it and it has me so stressed waiting for the next shoe to drop
      I pray all the time. It is all I can do.

  30. I love how consistent God is. I have had similar experiences and He is always there, preparing me in advance with His word. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Unfortunately, I’m the ultimate worrier, and so I’m particularly grateful for your devotional today. The observation “Subconsciously, I believe I’m exercising some sort of direction over circumstances I can’t possibly change” struck me – that is me to a tee! I want to DO something, change things that I clearly cannot, and then I fret and stress out. I have your key verse and also Isaiah 41:10 on my computer at work to remind me WHO is the ultimate DOER. Letting God be God is a hard process for me. I need His peace that transcends understanding. Thank you for sharing your experience and heart!

  32. I found this devotional very helpful today. I was leaning towards worrying today. it’s payday, and it does not seem like I have enough money to take care of things that are pending. however, I’ve prayed about it, turned it over to God, and peace is starting to settle over me. another verse helping me today to ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3: 5, 6) Put that together with the verses from Philippians, we can’t worry! Thanks for sharing today.

  33. I sooo needed this today. I’m going through a painful breakup and mornings seem to be my biggest struggle. I’ve prayed most of the morning and recited bible verses trying to cope with the fact it’s all out of my control and I can only move forward. Reading this has brought me some comfort-thank you!

  34. Thank you! I need this today! My husband and I are struggling financially and it is causing issues in our marriage. I’ve put it all in God’s hands. He will work it out!

  35. Abby,
    As always you write so beautifully about the power of prayer! Lately, I’ve been learning a new way to pray using the verse you chose…I pray thanking God, in advance, for how he is going to answer my prayer. This helps me turn the reins over to Him where they belong. Praying IS doing something – often the best thing we can do! Thanks for sharing your heart so sincerely…
    Love you much,

  36. I love your heart, Abby! My family just went through a weekend full of those surprise phone calls – sickness, hurt, accidents, and I fought the same frustrations you talk about, being far away but trying to find a way to make it better. Thank you for your testimony of God’s faithfulness no matter what we face!

  37. Hello What a great devotinal and scripture One i need to hear this morning I’m worrier Used to not let things worry me And i have a lot of struggles In finding employment and living situation and stabilty I feel like my life for the past 10 years haven’t change I keep pushing on and Some are out of my control And leave it is god hands And been having some health issues Having a biopsy on my thyroid next week I been worry about That But I give it over to god Love that scriptures and pray That things turnaround for me And I see the light at the end of the tunnel Amen

  38. Listen. .God must have whispered in your ear just for me. I am overwhelmed by the direct message and wanted to thank the messenger. Thank you for being a vessel. May His grace and peace abide with you always. God bless you.

  39. My mom had a stroke too. It was almost 4 years ago when I got a call from my sister in law. I live 4 hours away. I jumped in the car and drove to be with her. Four months later, after living there during the week and coming home on the weekends, I had sold my mom’s home and she was in adult foster care. My situation didn’t turn our like yours, but I too felt powerless. I clung to Psalm 18:1. It was the easiest verse I was capable of remembering. My brain was so full. Now my mom, at 88, is still being cared for by a sweet Christian couple. For that I praise God. Many prayers were answered, even if she wasn’t healed. The Lord has showed me so much, but I do still struggle.

    • We all struggle, Margaret, and God knows our tendencies and our weaknesses. His power is made perfect in our weakest moments. I am so sorry to hear that your mom’s situation was more critical but I love hearing how a couple reached out to help her. Praise God for that. Thank you for sharing here today.

  40. I read this very early this morning and was overwhelmed with peace. God’s perfect timing.

  41. As I read this passage, I was thinking about my own story of prayer that happened just 2 weeks before Christmas. Our story starts similar to your story. A phone call from my father, discussing the terrible news the doctor suspected. The 250 mile drive was all I could “do”, all the while praying, praying for her physical healing (I was very specific not to ask for ‘just’ healing- with the worry that could mean ultimate healing). Our family prayed for physical healing of my mother- who went into the hospital with colitis, but developed pneumonia during her stay. Praying was a comfort and God did give me peace, I don’t know how but He did. My 60 year old mother, who we just celebrated her life 4 months prior with a surprise birthday party passed away on Christmas Day. It’s not for me to question why some prayers are answered and others are not. The prayer for her healing was maybe helping me the most. Some people become bitter because their prayer didn’t “work”, but that does not Honor the One we ask. And so we ask with hope. Psalm 86:1- Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor you.
    I don’t understand right now fully. I understand what my mother has gained- A full life with Jesus. But I don’t want to accept what we’ve lost; her laughter, and ways of loving us. We needed her here. But I trust one day I will…

    I don’t think the moral of our story is only when God answers, but always giving Thanksgiving because we have a God who is with us.

  42. Thank you for a good reminder to stay in the word And to lay it all down at the Lords feet. I use to worry about everything but getting closer to the Lord now I pray for peace when I need it. And the peace that comes from Jesus is like no other. You all have a blessed day, and God bless,

  43. Abby: It is heartwarming to me that you are stepping out in faith and using your spiritual gifts to encourage others and to bring honor and glory to God. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” (3 John 4)
    Love, Dad

  44. I so needed to hear this word today!! I have been so worried about my dad who is in dire need of healing. But lately I have been letting the enemy come in and get me upset and angry that the hospital isnt doing anything for him. But after reading this word and having this reminder that I dont need all that stress and worry because its not of God. That I need to give it all to God and let him take care of my daddy! Thank you! Stay blessed!

    • Amber, you are so right. We naturally stress and worry but when when we bring our concerns to God we truly are doing the very best thing we can do: leaving it in his hands. In situations like this which we can’t control, his Word and communion with Him can bring true peace. I’m lifting you and your dad up in prayer today.

  45. What a beautiful testimony to the way we can always DO something even when it feels out of our control. I’m so grateful for you and your insights, Abby. You are a beautiful and gifted writer and I’m beyond blessed that God crossed our paths. Thank you for this today, “When we carry the Word of God in our hearts, it becomes a weapon against worry and anxiousness.” Amen and Amen. xoxo

  46. I am struggling with anxiety and some depression. Long story but it started back in November when I was having worrisome headaches. I am trying so hard to over come this but sometimes it consumes and me all and I can think about is when will I get better and regain my normal life. I understand God has a purpose in this, he sees and knows the storm I am going through and will guide me. But at times it’s hard to find my faith. This verse is a help! I will continue to refer to it and pray it and wait on the Lord to heal me.

    • Praying God will help you to remember His promises and fill you with joy and peace, Tara. Romans 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” May you take all those scary thoughts captive and lay them down at Jesus’ feet in prayer. This is the only way I can stop the fear that comes when I’m worried. Praying God heals your headaches and calms this storm.

  47. Maureen wee says:

    Abby, praise God for your inspiring and meaningful sharing! I left the office today with a heavy heart filled with worries about the Avalanche of things to come and the never ending list of things to complete within a pressing time line and yet having to maintain a tight balance between work, family and everything else. I was feeling depressed, overwhelmed and couldn’t bring myself to walk through this path. I have been a faithful visitor to proberbs31 and your sharing couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Please keep writing and sharing with us…I am certain that all of us here need the encouragement every now and then. Thank you v much!

  48. Angela Morrow says:

    Thank you! You have no idea how much I needed this devotion today. My 7 month old has been in the hospital for 5 days now and will be having a procedure done today to hopefully get some answers. When things get overwhelming, I tend to forget to remember Who is in control and that He loves me and my baby. Thank you for the sweet reminder to rely on God instead of worrying.

  49. StephanieA says:

    Wow! I am simply amazed at this entire week’s devotions; each one was eye-opening. I assumed I was the only person who thought in that way (trying to outwit a mysterious and ominous box), worrying constantly (as long as I am actively thinking about a situation I can will it to turn my way), etc. It’s not only comforting to know that there are so many other women out there that share my silly ways of thinking but also that God knows my thoughts and has given specific words of encouragement for me and all my silly-thinking sisters.
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the contributors at Proverbs 31! Thank you and may God bless you every day!

  50. Thankyou for your message today, I really needed to hear this.

  51. My dear friend Jessica emailed me this. She knew how much my heart is hurting over my marriage. So much hurt and pain there. She tells me often to turn over my worry and pain to God. He knows what to do. I’ve been struggling beyond belief. Divorce scares me so much and it’s been thrown at me. Today reading this. Made me have more hope than yesterday. It made me feel like I’m not alone. Thank you! God Bless You

    • Praying for you and your husband, Jennifer. May God draw you closer together and heal your hurt. Stay close to Him, friend. He knows everything and He has the answers. My heart goes out to you.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re hurting and what you are going through, Jennifer. Cling to God and His promises. I’m praying for you too. May the Lord surround you with His love and comfort.

  52. Thanks so much for this. Starting a training program this coming Monday. Worried and anxious about how I will manage. Prayer is the answer and learning to lean on him through each and every circumstance. What I can’t do, God can. Please pray for our family especially my 22 month old son.

  53. Julissa Nieves says:

    Ive been struggling with ungodly thoughts for a while now the worst is that I can’t control them God has been reminding me of Give all your worries and cares to God for he cares about you 1Pe 5:7 over and over again I pray that God may help me to be obedient I know that if I do he won’t fail me.

  54. Thank you for sharing your story Abby. It’s a real testimony to how God uses His word to give us life and heart peace. I’ve struggled with worry over the years and I’ve found a lot of relief in applying a few additional biblical and practical strategies to overcome it. This Christian video provides additional insights for anyone caught in the grip of worry. Many blessings!

  55. I have been divorced now for three years from a man that was my everything. I loved him deeply and he crushed my heart. He was fired from his job two weeks after the divorce was final for steeling. For 10 months he paid no child support and I had to cash in the little but if money that was for my future to help care for our children and to have a roof over our heads. The arrears that had accumulated were all wiped away, he was excused from having to pay. This put a burden on me and I had to go to food pantries to have food for our kids. His parents passed away within the past 4 years and he received a nice inheritance and still did not pay any arrears to me but paid off all his debt, bought a car very expensive clothes. He now sits pretty while his children and I are now living with my parents, my daughter and I have to share a room. So my worries are will I ever be financially sound again, will I ever find real love, will my children ever fully understand the hurt, pain and burden their father has placed upon me. He sits pretty with another new love in his life and the children get angry with me not him who they see only 4 days a month because that is what he chose not me. Why is he the one that they see as the victim not me not us. I struggle with a lot, not only my worries, but my anger with his infidelity and him choosing his secerets over our life of 23 years together. I yell at God to for this, yet I thank him for opening my eyes to who my ex truly was and is. I want my children’s eyes opened to. I’m confused why things are working out for him, the one the destroyed our family but not for me the one who wanted to work to keep us together? Sorry this became a rant….I’m still so crushed and hurt.

    • Oh, Nina, I can hear your broken heart through your words. I cannot imagine how devastating this all has been. Praying for the Lord to provide all your needs and heal all your hurts. He sees and knows it all. Cling to His promises. He loves you and He will lead you through this storm. Lord God, please let Nina know Your presence with her this day. Fill her with the knowledge of your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • I am so sorry to hear about all your heartache. I too, have had a similar experience with my. who I thought was my “SOLE MATE”. On November 21, 2012, the night before Thanksgiving, my husband announced to me, after 27 years of marriage, that he was LEAVING me!! The only difference between me and you, is that our children were grown, well somewhat grown. My youngest daughter, being only 19, and still living at home, I do not consider, grown.
      He too had been having an affair for 10 years at that time. I have NOT worked outside the home since the early part of our marriage, other than maybe a part-time job working at an ice cream place or part-time office job.

      He left me with the bills, and no way for me to support myself. While he too, continued to live the life style that we were both accustomed to all of these years. To make things worse, I was a 49 year old woman, with major health issues, that had kept me from working all of these years, so I could not even go out and get a job at Mc Donalds, due to the fact that I physically couldn’t do it and could not even get pass the interviewing process, due to the fact of all of the medications that I am on, and not being able to pass a drug test.

      I will finish this up, as I could go on, and on, with all of the HEARTBREAKING things that this man I though I knew and loved so very, very much, has put me through.

      My best advise to you is this, and I will say that it is now been 2 1/2 years and I am now just starting divorce proceedings, due to the fact that I didn’t even have the money to file for divorce, and this leaving him to do nothing for me and not provide even a roof over my head.

      From the beginning, I said I would not let this give me a hard heart!! I went into this “MARRIAGE” with my head up and I will go out, with my head up. I have done nothing wrong and I can look in the mirror at my self everyday and say, you are still a good woman, and that it is his loss.

      I would need about 4 hours of your time to even scratch the surface of all the things that he and his girlfriend have done and not done and said and just plain out morally wrong things that I know that he knows better of.

      I continue to stay strong and not be bitter. I refuse to let “THEM” drag me down to their level of actions. I will not let them use all my energy of being ANGRY, BITTER and on and on.

      You must somehow find it in your heart to go on and accept that it is-what it is. I think that it will make you feel a whole lot better. I not saying that what your ex has done is right and you should praise him for it to your children, but as hard as it may be right now, they will grow up and only then will they see how hard everything has been for you and that you did everything the RIGHT way!!

      My 19 year old daughter at the time, acted the same way. She blamed me, for all that she was going through as far as the HUGE change in her lifestyle. She too, had lived a very lavished life and it was ripped out from under her too. Not that she didn’t need to grow up, but she needed to, and deal with it, but that is what hurt me the most.

      I have kept both of my girls out of it as much as possible. Encouraging both of them to have a relationship with their Dad, and with ME making sure that he does see our two most precious granddaughter. I want them to know him as I once used to and the way that their Mother remembered him as a child growing up. As he WAS a VERY good Father to them both, along with being the most loving, caring, protecting, HUSBAND, that a woman could ever ask for!! I will continue to say that no matter what has gone on since then. That is the BIGGEST problem that I deal with. That being that everyone wants me to hate him. I will not go there and will not use my energy up hating him or his girlfriend.

      I will close with this. I know what I have done, and how I have dealt with it, and how I lived our now 28 year marriage in the best and most upstanding way possible and do not fear that when my time comes and I am standing at those gates before God, that I do not have anything to be ashamed of. Now, he on the other hand, well, he has to look at himself in the mirror everyday and right now he is living his life on that still big “HIGH” that you have in a new relationship or with anything that may be new in your life at the time. But, one day that all goes away, and he will or maybe not, realize what he has done is MORALLY wrong, and he is the one and him only, to have to answer to what he has done to you and most sadly to your children, to his MAKER!!

    • Nina, please feel free to contact me, anytime. Good luck with your whole situation!! Keep your HEAD UP!!

  56. Dearest Abby, I’m so glad your Mom is doing better. I’m sorry you went through that and I can’t imagine. I really appreciate your post Abby. My heart was touched the most when you shared that there was nothing you could do. But the one thing you could do was hand your Mom’s situation over to God. You could pray. Peace in God is all we really need isn’t it. Yet we don’t always run into the loving arms of God firs. We tend to run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Oh no, what shall I do??? Well at least I do this. So silly sad. Anyway this really spoke to me Abby – When we carry the Word of God in our hearts, it becomes a weapon against worry and anxiousness. – Abby this is nicely said. God is showing me through your story that I need to study His word more. I struggle with worry about my sons success in home school. Facing tough times right now with his attitude. Its amazing how anxious I get over my kids. But God promises peace – I just need to trust Him. Thanks again. Abby your faithfulness to be a writer is blessing me and so many others.

  57. Oh Abby, This is a reminder I need everyday. Whether its health issues or worrying about my grown children – I can be a worrier too often. It’s funny how we can be a Christian for years and still stumble in this area. Thank you for reminding me of this truth! I needed it today – I’ve been awake since 3:30 am – worrying – and yet praying! Go figure?! lol So glad your mother is doing well! Blessings to you sweet girl!

  58. Joyce Brower says:

    This devotion was such a blessing! Thank you for the reminder!

  59. Beautiful post and powerful testimony of the power of God’s Word and prayer! Thanks for sharing. I’m praising God. And so happy to hear how your mom was okay, and God did more than you hoped for. (Eph 3:20). Blessings to you and your family, Abby.

  60. There’s nothing like waiting to make us pray our hearts out to the Lord! Abby, what a wonderful message of God’s provision. He is faithful to His promises. And when we trust Him, He does fill us with that amazing peace that we cannot comprehend. I never understood what that meant until I went through my husband’s life struggle. I cannot imagine life with the Lord’s constant presence, His unfailing love, and His precious peace. To know that peace when there are no answers and scary possibilities are very real is a mystery to me. But I know it to be true. Thank you, Abby, for sharing your story. So thankful your mom is better. Blessings to you!

  61. Thankful I came across this today! My son leaves for Marine Corps boot camp this summer…13 weeks would be a long time for this mama to worry. I’m keeping this verse as my go-to. Thank you!

  62. This scriptures is like a cold drink of water on a warm summer day. I am constantly revisiting this life verse. My sister is in a fight for her life as she battles scleroderma. As the oldest, I am constantly pushing new ideas or suggestions to relieve her stress. But ulitmately, I create more stress because I am in the constant fix it mode. I am trying to remember I have a Big God that can handle Big Problems, and provide me with much needed rest and peace. This was a nice reminder.

  63. “When we carry the Word of God in our hearts, it becomes a weapon against worry and anxiousness.”
    Love, love, LOVE the above quote, Abby. It is so true.
    Your story brings beautiful hope and is a reminder to grab our gear for life’s battles. From my own experience I realize how powerful these words are: Do not be anxious about anything, but…by prayer and petition…
    I’m thankful that you know too. (And that your mom regained life and her abilities once again, thank God.)
    Great job!

  64. I too worry excessively about things out of our control. Thank you for the reminder that by praying we ARE DOing something about the situation. We are giving it to God. May His peace fill us today. I have been trying to understand this in a personal situation in my life. pray for my son please

  65. Thank you for these devotional and this verse as I so deeply needed it today. You see I have been going through some deep sorrow over the last two days as I was told I was pregnant two days ago with what would be my third child but I had had what seemed like a period for 5 days. I had my hcg levels checked which confirmed I was pregnant but it is possible that I may have had a miscarriage and my heart is breaking. I going through tons of emotions along with hormones. I did have my blood drawn again today and will find out tonight if my levels are increasing. It is the unknown and waiting that is killing me. I have prayed for God’s will but am very sad. Thank you for the reminder that God is on control. No matter how big or small he loves and cares for us and wants to see us through our pain. Either way I need to give this too God!

    • Heather, I am praying for you right now. It is okay to be sad and it does not anger God or make him turn away. He knows our suffering and holds each tear that falls in the palm of his hand. May he bring you peace and comfort as you await answers. Much love to you, sister.

  66. Someone once told me that “Concern is of God and worry is of the devil.” Concern is the natural reaction of love– but worry robs us of our peace and joy. This wise woman went home to be with the Lord several years ago, but I’ve never forgotten her words. (That’s not to say I don’t struggle with worry–I do.)

  67. Thank you for today’s devotional reading. I had emergency surgery in early December 2014. I had unexpected complications. I had another problem unrelated to the previous surgery that would require additional surgery. I scheduled the surgery. Now, a week from the surgery I am being treated for pneumonia. I have been making plans but did not consult God who is in complete control of my life. I was not praying to the Lord for direction. God has a way of letting us see the error of our ways. I must remember to pray, give thanks, ask God for direction & wait for his answer. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to the errors of my ways. I did not consult him before scheduling this surgery. I was worried about what would happen if I didn’t have this other surgery. God is letting me know don’t worry I’ve got your back & will keep your mind in perfect peace.

  68. Beautiful, heartfelt stroke…of hope, grace, healing. Thank you Abby for painting this beautiful truth with your words interlaced with the Word of God. You stroked my heart with joy today. Blessed

  69. This devotion today was perfect and I needed it today because I was laid off from work today

  70. Elaine Neisler says:

    Thanks for this uplifting devotional. That is something that I have had to learn, but sometimes forget. I found myself in a situation last summer. I was in New Jersey visiting my children and my mom was back home in Colorado. She called me and told me she had fallen and thought she broke her pelvis. She didn’t want to go to the hospital until I got home. I was not sure what to do. I told mom I would get a plane out of Newark that day, but she said no, stay until my flight out the next day. I sat down on the bed and prayed. God gave me the peace to stay with my children and go home the next day.

  71. I understand what you said butI to pray and give God back his word but I just don’t see my prayers get answer. I was on social security disability but they cut it off in November and I have been struggling. I praying for my finances to be bless but to me it just get worse can’t pay bills people wanting to take me to court O don’t know what to do.

  72. I met a man on January 16th. we have spent many days together and have talked on the phone everyday except for 2 and we texted with each other. On Tuesday We got into a situation that I stopped due to We are not married and we have not Known each other that long- I do feel like I have Known him my whole life, it is Comfortable. I have not been with anyone for 2 1/2 years and I plan to wailt. He Came over the next night for dinner we had a nice Conversation And he seemed OK. I have not heard from him in 2 days. I have no friends so having him these last 2 weeks has been so nice. This really put me into perspective to not worry and give it to God. He Knows my story and he put this man in my life, even for a short time for a reason. Thank you. I love getting my devotionals

  73. I know I have to give my marriage to God especially when I done did all I can possibly do .

  74. Please pray for me that God would heal me of depression, anxiety, nausea, and trembling. I am a born again believer.

  75. Thank you so much for this devotion! It was definitely reassuring. About four or so years ago, I had to start taking medication because of an anxiety disorder. I was taking 200 mg and I’m proud to say, that with God’s help, I’ve been working my way down and now take only 100 mg and continue to feel better everyday. Of course there are set backs, but I try to do my best with putting my faith into God and trust him to bring me out of it, which he does. Because of God, I am getting to where I need to be. And it’s somewhere that I didn’t feel was possible to get to.

  76. Abby,
    Good words. I have learned that when fear is running rampant, that there is usually nothing to fear…..because, in my experience, I never “expect” the crisis that occurs and when it does, the manifold grace of God is there in full force. So when I am terrified over what “might” happen, it is a signal for me to pray God’s word…..and I am a firm believer in putting it in front of us…. I have taken bright red lipstick and writing it around my reflection in a bathroom mirror and leaving it there for weeks on end until the fear subsides….and I have taken dry erase markers and written it on the front of the refrigerator….and anywhere else.

  77. My mother passed away 5 years ago and although my father is in good health, he is legally blind so I have to take care of many things for him. My husband’s parents have both recently been diagnosed with diseases that will require a lot of care. One has stage 4 cancer and the other Alzheimer’s. Your words were very much needed today – I know we serve a BIG GOD but sometimes we have to reminded and give our worries to Him.

  78. The verses God keeps giving me are Proverbs 3:5, Philippians 4:12 & 13, and Galatians 6:9. Got CREATED irony for these reasons!

  79. this why I don’t believe in god, an excuse not to worry or care,,,

    • Joanne, worrying and caring are defined differently. Worrying is overthinking, brooding or being anxious over something whereas caring is defined as safekeeping or attention to a situation. As a follower of Jesus, we should certainly care for people and their troubles but worrying can actually cause stress, hypertension, and sleep loss. Thank for sharing your thoughts.

  80. Rozelle Smith-Petersen says:

    Hi All, this bible verse has been my all time favorite. I have been battling with anxiety and occasional panic attacks coupled with acid reflux and digestive problems for about 18 months. It just seemed to come from nowhere, I was fine one day and the next sick. I find it difficult as I am an individual who is never sick. I’ve cried, cried and cried about it. Prayed to the Lord to heal me. Questioned why is this happening to me. So I’ve been going round in circles and all this makes me slump into depression. One thing is for certain over this period, I have grown closer to the Lord. Thank you for reminding me of this verse.

    • Oh Rozelle, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time both physically and emotionally. My heart goes out to you and I am lifting you up in prayer tonight. I pray God will bring you healing, whether it be through medicine or by simply removing this illness. He is the ultimate Healer and I thank him that he’s drawn you closer to you through this.

  81. This morning felt so ladened with worry and burdens that I came to the Proverbs 31 site first thing in the morning whereas I usually don’t have time until bedtime. I half-jokingly to myself thought, “Don’t expect God to plant something specific to my needs. Just be blessed by whatever is there.” But then I saw the title, I knew that God was more powerful than all my burdens.

    My aunt died a few weeks ago of Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s. My mom is in the early to mid-stages of dementia. Seeing my aunt’s 5-year long helpless battle and the toll it took on my 3 cousins scare to me death. I am a full-time working mom with 2 young children, an unsupportive husband, and a troubled marriage. Already the responsibilities weigh heavy on me. I recently cared for her when she had a mastectomy from a rare form of breast cancer. And as an only child, with no siblings to help, I don’t know how will I be able to provide constant 24/7 for my mother both physically and financially.

    I drive 100 miles to/from work everyday and my employees are stressed and creating an unhealthy, gossipy environment because of situations outside of my control. I recently interviewed for a closer job that seems to encompass much of what I need and want. I went through 3 rounds of interviews and have been waiting for a week for an answer. I am starting to lose hope.

    Finally a close long-time friend who I consider to be like a big brother, is battling lung cancer is losing hope. I text him every day and am often at a loss for how to be encouraging.

    All this weight has been causing me not to be able to sleep and, when I do, have bad dreams. Like right now, it’s 1am and worry started to grip me again. I came again to this post to claim God’s power and promise. Thank you for being a messenger for God.

    • Tina, my heart is heavy with everything you are going through right now. Sometimes the weight of everything going on in our lives just seems too much to bear but I am so glad that God used these words and scripture to bring you hope. Continue to pray and seek him as you’re going through this difficult time and yes, claim that promise! It is yours. I am praying for you today.

  82. Juanita Hargrove says:

    HI ABBY! WHAT A WONDERFUL DEVOTIONAL! YOU ARE MOST GIFTED AND TALENTED! FOR SOME REASON I read your devotional all the way through to the very end…and unusual thing for me, thinking for a very close friend, to print out for her and me, for later. However, it was so good, to the point and a popular Scripture, your story brought tears and the urge to THANK YOU! What a powerful testimony of God’s Grace, Power and Love! I love to write as well, and share anyway God directs…so this moment is special in reading & learning! As a new 3/4ths centurion as of a week ago, from a special gathering God had me plan & execute (miraculously) for time frame, (surprise B-day party for myself of all things), 14 ladies sat around my crowded living room that really needed clearing out of work & volunteer chores paperwork, of many years, cluttered as some would say, in our barn-like home. The ladies were old friends of 40, 30 and 20 years who came out in the worst thunder & lightning, gusty, rain storm, unbelievably…to help celebrate,… ending up sharing and praying on God’s goodness, love and direction for each of our lives…almost like a Wake or Visitation or funeral for me! To see how wonderful it is to be in female fellowship, no matter the circumstances, as someone put it! Totally chaotic outside, warm and cozy inside, laughing, crying, opening hearts & allowing God’s love to flow around the circle of friends…some new ones to each other. Needing your chosen Scripture for today, to not be anxious on all around us, and giving a cozy atmosphere amidst the storms of life. and to find out how God Is INDEED in control at all times, loving us so. To let go and let Him help us through each storm of life…is WONDERFUL! HE did that day, for sure! I was amazed at how “de-cluttered” I felt… and loved by those surrounding me.
    As you say…His Word tells us perfectly & beautifully exactly what we need to read & hear, to trust & obey, in truth. To be anxious for nothing, etc. WOW, what a great writing He gave you for this date! Will surely copy & give to the one enjoying the most…me! And my prayer partner of 40 years! God gave us each other, with similar lives & needs, within 2 wks. of birthdays, same year, and opposite personalities, looks, sizes, pasts, and present lives, for His purpose that we pray about frequently. WE APPRECIATE YOUR TRUTHFULNESS AND HONESTY in sharing HIS thoughts. Romans 8:28 back atcha, Abby! His Word will NOT return void, indeed!

    • Oh, Juanita, thank you so much for sharing today. I loved reading about how God filled the hearts of everyone at your fellowship and worked through each of you. We truly do serve a great God and He never ceases to amaze me with how He would use me as his vessel to point people to the Living Word. Blessings to you, friend.

  83. Abby and all who read: will you please pray for me? I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety which then causes some depression. I am 36 yrs old and have delt with it off and on for yrs. the last year and a half it has gotten really bad and I am so desperate for healing. I will not let this anxiety overcome me and my life! I get so frustrated and angry sometimes because it affects my marriage and my children and my whole life. I need The Lord and His strength.
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer, yes I certainly will pray for you, sister. I have dealt with depression on and off too and I know how difficult it can be to carry on with daily life. Everyone deals with their depression differently, but seeing a Christian counselor truly helped me. Please do not be afraid to seek help if you need it. God uses many different ways to bring healing and hope. Praying he gives you guidance, peace and strength. Much love to you.

    • Please seek out help…depression can mess up every area of our lives….I am praying for you Jennifer that God sends you support and restoration as you seek His healing and His joy overtakes each area of your life….sincere love to you dear Jennifer…

  84. Your experience speaks volume attesting to the way God works in finding peace in situations out of our control. It is easy to worry and is compounded when it involves the people we love the most. I have learned, the more I let go and let Christ take care of my will the better I am in having a spiritual outlook on delicate circumstances. Thanks Abby for an inspiring piece.

  85. Wonderful, spirit filling post. Love the word “transcends”-makes me think of heavenly places. am reminded of a song I sang with my daughters when they were growing up – when singing with Mom was cool. LOL “I will cast all my cares upon You. I’ll lay all of my burdens down at your feet. And any time I don’t know what to do, I will cast all my cares upon You.” Praying for all my dear sisters who posted today. God is faithful and your story is not finished yet!

  86. I was thinking as I was reading this devotion, that it is written so perfectly, and it is just what I want to tell others that have this ‘worry struggle’… although I wouldn’t say it nearly as well. Then I read to click on the spot to read more about COMPEL. 🙂 I will do this next! 🙂
    So well done, and I will share this with many ladies in my bible study and elsewhere, that just can’t seem to stop worrying and to pray instead, and trust God.

  87. I truly needed to hear this verse today. I was just diagnosed with very early stages of breast cancer. I praise God for his goodness and love. I’m totally surrendering this to God, for He is the great physician. I am having surgery in a few weeks. Please pray for me, and I thank you again for such a comforting verse.

  88. I just graduated and started another new job. I had one right after graduation, but they decided they didn’t want a social worker. Now I’m at a new job and I am worrying that I won’t catch on, I can’t do this, that I’ll lose my job again. Worry is my go to emotion and it has been since I was a child. I can’t stop it. In my own mind, if I’m worrying, I’m doing something because I am thinking about it. It’s very frustrating and tiring.

  89. Lori Weatherford says:

    This word is right on time for me. My 94 year old mother’s health and memory have been failing for the past year. She recently was in the hospital for a few days before going to a nursing facility. We found out on Monday that she cannot return to her apartment without a caregiver. Through the Lord’s provision a space has been offered by a friend of Mom’s who runs an adult foster home. During this time I have been dealing with a viral respiratory illness. As a person who attempts to control situations, being powerless to do so has been a tough but important lesson. He reminded me that He loves her more than I possibly can and that He will take care of her. What a freeing thought!

  90. Thank you Abby for not only hearing God’s Voice but listening to His direction to share what you shared. Read this tonight and needed to hear God’s Voice. Earlier tonight, I saw a mother yelling at her daughter. I felt so helpless. I did not say anything to her because I was aftraid that if I did that the mother would take it out on her daughter after I left. As I was driving home, I asked for the Lord to protect the young girl and that He would bind up the Enemy and silence the mom’s anger. I told a sister in the Lord, who also saw what happened that I do not know what the Lord is trying to teach me in this situation. Reading what You posted is part of God’s anser to my question. May the Lord continue to orchestrate those Only God Moments in Your life and use it to minister to the broken an hurting.

  91. please pray for my son Cameron who is 20 and although raised in a Christian family he continues to go down the wrong roads in life. Please pray that he will hear and see God directing him.

  92. This is a verse I know to be true without a shadow of a doubt. A year ago yesterday, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very troubling time for our family, as we knew he had been feeling unwell for the past few weeks, but we had absolutely no idea he was as sick as he turned out to be. To hear the word cancer from the doctors was a complete and utter shut for everyone. Unfortunately, though we prayed ceaselessly, and believed for a miracle, he passed away on April 23rd 2014. During the 3 months of his diagnosis, and treatment, all I could do was pray, and trust in God and his plan. I held onto hope trying to be a light of optimism for my dad, and for the rest of my family. Praying, spending time alone with God, listening to praise and worship like it was going out of style God did indeed guard my heart. Though it seemed we received devastating news, on top of devastating news, by holding onto this verse, God provided such a sense of peace and even times of joy. I can truly say that the 3 months before he passed away, are filled with some fond memories of time spent with my dad, as I was fortunate to be able to spend time with him and other members of my family every single day. Knowing I did everything I could for my dad helps on those days when I ache with the pain of missing him, but I know that God will provide comfort and restoration for my heart that sometimes seems so broken, and I contribute my strength and hope to only God. I could not have survived without him.

    • Amen God is so loving…pray you continue to find strength in Christ and joy in the special memories of times with your Dad…your simple strong faith is so encouraging. My father is alive but not interested in relationship with his children… but the loss of the close father figure in my life in 2013 to cancer which came suddenly is still so raw and painful as he never told me. I was not able to visit him for a couple of months and spoke to him on the phone a couple of times and one day just got the call he had died…i read over your story a few times, thank you…God’s peace and favor with you always…

  93. I am a few days behind in reading this. But God is always on time. I am struggling financially with a couple of major unplanned expenses due, past due. I discussed with my husband and he doesn’t really comprehend the seriousness of these nor does he understand that the daily small charges in his internet game add up to a large amount. I struggle with letting go and giving it to God, then leaving it with Him. Thank you for a wonderful reminder that He knows my situation and has already worked it all out for me.

  94. Shirley Gordon says:

    As I read all the above I realise the amount of us who are being robbed daily of our health and sanity. We too have been nailed all round,death, sadness, anxiety it’s seems to come in waves from every direction to the point where you need to physically and spiritually pull back to regroup your thoughts. After months of attack to the point where we don’t know where to turn because it is impossible in the physical and emotional to contribute value I had to realise that I have to turn it all over to God. There is nothing more I can do but to pray and love my family and trust that with His help they will choose the correct paths. From South Arfica my prayers are with all you and please remember that no-one is alone. We are all sisters and brothers in Gods big family. We are not isolated in our troubles and may we be over comers so that the glory goes back to God. Thanks Abby your encouraging words are crossing continents.

  95. Abby, what a beautiful post. I could relate to you when you said you weren’t really a waiter, you’re more of a do-er. That’s me too. But I’ve learned that God isn’t as interested in my doing as He is my trusting Him. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  96. Gina Robinson says:

    I stumbled across this post because for the past few days I’ve had the most terrible anxiety about these being the last days and how to get right with God and have undivided Faith in the Lord. Im only a teenager and the news bothers me and makes me worry alot. I want to live fearless because I called the prayer line and they said that God didn’t create the feeling of fear, only peace and love. I would like everyone to please pray for me.

  97. This word from you was very encouraging. I tend to worry a lot about things that are out of my control. I pray that God wil help me with that. I know that He wants to, I just also pray that I will allow Him to. Thanks again and God Bless!!!

  98. Thank you so much for the wonderful devotion on worry. I really struggle with this, and I loved the reminder of what the Word says. Thanks for sharing your personal story about your mom.
    Thanks again!

  99. When I read some of the comments I can relate. It’s tough to know that this is a place where so many of us feel like we fail at. Although, I know God is much bigger than our failures, it’s hard to focus more on Him when the situations around us are so loud. For instance, my husband and I would like children. We have tried and had 2 miscarriages. The doctors encouraged us, you should have no problem getting pregant again…6 months later and still trying. I find it harder and harder as the time goes on. Every month just waiting to see if God will bless us with a child this month. The dissapointment each month is wild. I lean and cry out to God specifically asking for a baby as that is the desire of my heart and I will choose to worship while I wait. But it is hard. I find myself in a wave of tears today, not only are my emotions all outta wack but I have just spent a weekend with a 10 month old and an 8 month old. I know that God is in control and yet it is still difficult. This verse is one I repeat often. I will not be anxious but be thankful for what I have and wait for His perfect timing. Our God is a God who can provide miracles and I will continue to put my hope in him. I want a child, but not as much as I want God, so I will worship Him and wait for His timing in my life. He is in control of all things.

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  102. I am writing this through tears. I needed to be reminded of these verses so much right now. I have anxiety disorder and worry even in the best of times. I can’t ever remember a time my life didn’t belong to Christ, yet, I worry. My husband had lymphoma ten years ago but through prayer and his gifted doctors, he has been disease-free–until this past June. This time, colon cancer, stage four. He has an oncologist treating him here in our hometown who says he’s going for a cure. He gives the chemo and we are going to a research/teaching hospital just 35 miles away. All the doctors are saying things have changed where cancer treatment is concerned and they are going for a cure for him with cutting-edge procedures. His surgeon is very optimistic. They are preparing him for surgery, hopefully no later than the spring. The waiting is awful for me, but he is handling it well. He doesn’t even look sick. Out of 12 chemos, we only have 4 more to go, but of course he feels the effects.Then his procedure at the hospital, wait, then surgery. I pray constantly. He and our daughter are my only family. I had forgotten about these beautiful verses. And what you said about God catching and holding every tear in his hands, I only hope God forgives my nerves and loves us enough to give us a second healing. Thank you so much. We need God’s mercy and His healing touch once again. And I need peace to see this through, make the nightmares go away so I can sleep, and stand tall backed by the love of God.

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  112. I only wish that I had the ability to convey what I wanted to say within the manner that you have presented this information. Thanks.

  113. Please pray that I can work through anxiety and internal shakes PLEASE

  114. I am very worried that my son may lose his job. There are layoffs coming soon and I can’t seem to stop worrying that he may lose his job. Also his girlfriend has a work contract ending soon and doesn’t know if it will be renewed. I am due to have surgery in 9 days and am very worried about that too. I’m feeling so overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and depression. Please pray for all of us, especially my son and his girlfriend. Many thanks.

  115. It’s different when it’s your children, and I’m tired of hope. Hope is for suckers. Either God is cruel and mean, or he’s just a stupid lie and I’m an idiot.

  116. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the word. At this time, the enemy is toying with my emotion with concerns on my marriage. I will cast my care upon Him. God is in control.


  117. Tawnya Maaele says:

    I have an appointment this coming Tuesday for an MRI and to be honest I am terrified. Lord, please talk to me. My left breast blew up triple the size of my normal size breast. Last year lord you spared me my life, when I fought in the hospital for a month when my right lung collapsed. Please hear my prayer. I rebuke cancer. I say these things in your name I pray amen.

  118. I am waiting on a scary diagnosis. I’ve been terrified. My mind is going to the worst possible place in planning for my future. I am trying to trust God or maybe I am just thinking about trusting Him, but not really understanding how to leave it in His hands with complete trust. Praying on this verse this morning gave me a new way to pray. I will continue to repeat this prayer as I wait. I’ve never felt so scared.

  119. I am so thankful to God for directing my finger to click on your article this morning. Sitting before the blessed Sacrament where I’ve come to pray & to hand over my worries to God, after Morning Mass, I was led to open my phone & Google on biblical ways to “quit worrying” There were mseveral downloads that propped up but behold, I found your article “How Do I Stop Worrying” to be a the one my spirit was drawn to. I’ve even copied the message using my pen & I’d read it every morning until God who took control of your mother’s situation when you prayed- and eventually healed her, heals my mind to stop worrying. Alas, I also got the perfect verse I need as “My Spiritual Anthem”(Philip ins 4:6-7.
    I’ve come across this same verse many many times while reading the scripture but never had it made such impact on my mind as now.
    Please keep praying for people who will find solace reading your messages for God to grant them solutions to their worries & needs as well in Jesus name.
    Thank you.

  120. Thank you for this article. Life has been so rough for me and my loved ones for years now. It seems like it never lets up and I believe I am burnt out as I show many signs of it. There is a turn in our paths that I am worrying nonstop about because one’s who are supposed to be helping are being silent. I need them to speak, to advise and to be there. However, reading this, I realize I also need to be vigilant in reminding myself of this verse and praying to God whenever the energy zapping worry rushes in. It is so strong at times, along with the despair, it will be hard. But I have too. I have to put my worries on God’s shoulders and have him take care of us and be ready to act when he gives me the opportunity too.

    If it’s possible, Abby, would you please pray for myself and my loved ones? Especially one in particular who has had it so rough. Please pray we all make it through these next trials and events safely. If you have the time and are willing too. Thank you…

  121. I am just reading this and I am reminded of how blessed we are to have someone in our side as wonderful as our Father and His Son. We deal with so much every day that we forget that He’s got this!t friend was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer and will start chemo today. She is the very person you describe as being the worrisome type. She is a leader at our school, one that guides us through all of the curriculum changes that we as teachers can either become frustrated or confused by the changes and what they may mean fir us as teachers and how thry will affect our students as the learners. She takes it all in and brings it to us on a manner that calms our nerves and relieves our fears. She is my hero! But she needs our prayers and support as she goes through the valley and has her strength tested. Watch out Satan cause, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Our God is strong in our corner!

  122. Richard Candelaria says:

    I am praying for a friend and ask if you also can pray for her. Her name is Ruth Chavez. She is going through hard times divorce and her husband left for another lady. Now he is in prison. She is having a difficulties financially and has been getting real ill.please pray for her

    • Sophia S. says:

      Hello Richard….I will keep your friend Ruth in my thoughts and prayers….Stay Blessed.
      Bible verse. Psalm 34-4 and 34-18.

  123. I really needed this.
    Thanks much.
    I am going through a financial crisis ad there just don’t seem to be any way out.
    Getting calls left, right and center from people that I owe.
    Just believing God for a miracle.

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