"How Do I Move Past My Mistakes?" With Kaley Olson

January 3, 2023
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A new year can bring a lot of anticipation and excitement. But it can also be a reminder of some things we aren't super proud of ...

Maybe you're looking back at this last year a little disappointed. That habit you wanted to kick is still there or the relationship you wanted to better is not fixed. It can be easy to struggle with the lack of progress we've made and even more difficult when we may be filled with regret. On this episode, our host Kaley Olson is on the other side of the mic for a conversation that will help us look at how to move past our past mistakes. She will give us three lessons from the book of Deuteronomy on how to approach our mistakes and what the gift of God's grace and forgiveness offers us so we can move forward with purpose today.

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